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  • 5-places-to-camp-in-america-cover
    5 Best Places for Camping in America

    Who says camping in America is something that you can only do in summers? There are some exotically beautiful hot spots around America that have diverse climates, wildlife and open spaces. Either you are a person with an RV and a heavy budget or an adventurous soul with a bag pack and a few essentials to survive, these spots are perfect for everyone. ...

  • sunset
    7 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

    Traveling can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you thought a vacation just wouldn’t fit in the budget this year, you may be surprised by how affordable you can make your next adventure if you try. Yes, you may have to make some sacrifices here and there, but the savings are well worth it, and you’re still going to have an amazing experience.Here are 7 easy ways to cut costs while traveling: ...

  • Colca-cover
    One flew over the condor’s nest – Colca Canyon

    The tour started the next morning. They picked us from the hotel at 9am and we departed by bus towards the Colca Valley. We drove across Pampa Cañahuas which is home to herds of vicuñas, llamas and alpacas so we stopped to get those important selfies with an Alpaca! ...

  • Cover-Uros-floating-islands-ceremony-boat
    Me, my father and my daughter at Titicaca – Uros Floating Islands

    Few months ago, my father came to visit us for a month. He is crazy about the kids but he can only stay with them for like… no more than two hours. After five days of staying nearby the house he wanted to go… just go… and this way he chose to visit Machu Picchu....

  • Mocassins-cover
    Med passion för skomakeri

    Gabi courageously once said that he “wants to express the TRUTH through a shoe”. As I learnt in the Peruvian jungle living with shippibo indians: the TRUTH is that… there are many truths. So, I can say that if a child can make a shoe then everybody can....

  • Happy_reverse_cover
    Happy Reverse Thinking New Year!

    Last night we were all watching a movie covered by warm alpaca wool blankets hugging the kids in our arms. We felt so grateful for this amazing moment spent with our kids and pets. The cats were all over us making that noise of sleeping with healing effect and the dog was clapping the tongue in his mouth as proof of content and happiness. ...

  • car with trailer
    Home is not a place, it’s a feeling!

    Our slow traveling way of living comes from a long number of defeats and struggles. When we believed we won we soon came to realize that we actually lost and vice-versa. So in time we learnt that after every harsh time there was something amazing coming up....

  • granola_cover
    I AM Granola

    Or the breakfast of champions… As a mother of three healthy kids, I always try to find alternatives to the so-much-sugar and I-don’t-know-what-else regular cereals for breakfast. After a week of research, I combined some granola recipes and I added my witch touch for an original creation....

  • Lares Thermal Baths
    Inca Healing Water, Lares Thermal Baths – Calca – PERU

    The life of a digital nomad family has kind of a different rhythm. I mean, our joy when Friday comes is equal with Monday or any other day. One of the best thing which comes out of this is that you can avoid crowded days in spectacular places. Two days at the Thermal Baths in Lares could be everything your mind, body and soul has been quietly asking for a long time....

  • kids fishing
    What Parenting Is Not

    We are starting our guest post adventure with our friends from famousparenting.com...




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