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  • what-parenting-is-not
    What Parenting Is Not

      We are starting our guest post adventure with our friends from famousparenting.com   As we all believe in hands on learning and on the job way of experiencing, we have our own share of ups and down as Parents. The bumps hit us more......

  • the-other-sun
    The Other Son

    “ Religions are not for separating men from one another; they are meant to bind them” Ghandi This story is about the point where the differences between race, color, religion, gender or national origin dissolve and make space to a beautiful friendship and unity. A......

  • 6_Reasons_Why_Slow_Travel_IS_Education
    6 Reasons Why Slow Travel IS Education!

    We are the lucky parents of three beautiful and healthy kids. By pure observation it is beautiful to discover that every kid is different and have a different type of personality.  Metaphorically speaking, we are gardeners and  our goal is to find the proper medium for every......

  • Coconut-cover
    Coconut Oil the Most Healthiest and Versatile Oil on the Planet!!!

    Living in Peru is like traveling by train, Train of Life to be more specific ! At every stop, “pasaheros” jump in the train, some of them become friends,  others become challenges, and lessons of life! In this South American story we’ve met Adrian, a Californian,......

  • Romanian Nai
    Romanian Nai, Greek Syrinx, Turkish Muskal or Andean Antara?

    We found by traveling that our Romanian national instrument called Nai (Romanian Pan Flute) has different origins and in most places, the pan flute came into existence at about the same stage of cultural development, which means at different times and in different geographical zones.......

  • inverted-towers-cover
    Sintra Inverted Towers, Amazing Portugal

    We had the opportunity and luck to discover one of the most amazing constructions that exist; the inverted masonic tower from Quinta de Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal. I will not talk about the Quinta itself now, because it’s a huge property of 4 hectares with a......

  • venicecover
    Family Marathon in Venice!

    We know how important is “to be fit” in this life and we also know that It’s up to us where and how we choose to train! About two years ago we left Portugal (our home for 5 years) and went back to our birth country,......

  • chanka-people-cover
    Chanka People and the “Eye of Providence”

    This weekend we had the opportunity to visit the small village of Chanta; a little community hidden in the middle of the Peruvian Andes. This little village has given to the world a lot of beautiful people, like our host and guide through this almost......

  • KEIKO-Cover

    Several days ago, my country faced controversial elections leaving the people dissasppointed and frustrated! In Peru we lived the same vibration!!! Keiko Fujimori is the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori who is in jail for crimes against humanity. He is guilty of corruption, kidnapping,......

  • Chawaytiri-Cover
    Chawaytiri, “The Eye of the Llama” Community

    Chawaitire or Chawaytiri, or the Community of the Llama, is one of the 12 Communities of Indigenous farmers of Pisac, and is located along a 17 kilometres trail from this little peruvian village. This community is known because of their amazing customs like mink’a, Ayni,......