05 Aug 2019


The weather is bad at sea and a lot of vessels dropped their anchor in Jucurucu port. The wind is strong, but the fishermen told us it’s merely a breeze comparing to the one in the ocean. All the fishermen I met so far are nice people. 

Two days ago we received two fish from some fishermen and we offered them a coffee. Yesterday we received two more fish and a bucket of lobster legs. 

We offered them a coffee. 

Today we received 20 lobster tails and 5 fish. 

We offered them a coffee. 

What have we done today? 

We cooked and drank our coffee and the kids played by the river with fishermen children. 

Other than that, we watched a sunset, we listened to the wind and relaxed. 

Oh, and we’ve been happy!



Vremea este rea pe mare si o gramada de vase au tras in portul de pe raul Jucurucu. Vantul bate puternic, ce-i drept dar pescarii ne-au zis ca este doar o briza in comparatie cu vantul ce bate pe ocean.

Toti pescarii pe care i-am intalnit pana acum in viata mea, sunt oameni misto. 

Acum doua zile am primit doi pesti de la ei, iar noi le-am oferit o cafea. 

Ieri am mai primit doi pesti si o galeata de picioare de homar. 

Noi le-am oferit o cafea. 

Astazi am primit 30 de cozi de homar si 5 pesti. 

Noi le-am oferit o cafea.

Ce-am facut astazi?

Am gatit si am baut cafea iar copiii s-au jucat la rau cu copiii pescarilor din sat. 

In rest, am urmarit un apus, am ascultat vantul si ne-am relaxat.

Aaa, si ne-am si bucurat!

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