27 Oct 2017


We decided to remain in this place one more day to cool down the engines.

Another beautiful day in nature! Oscar and Becka wonder freely on the surrounding hills.

The kids play all the time, they ran, they built arches, they finished a book that Lavinia read to them in two days.

Carla made some jabuticaba jam, it is delicious, a sweet-sour-bitter taste that resembles the bitter cherries jam my father used to make. Truth is we kinda fell in love with Brazil and now we are seriously thinking to stay and visit it all.

We notice that the countries have a kind of reciprocity regarding the temporary stay visa.

South America countries signed a treaty in ~2004 similar to the European Union and they formed the UNSUR- The Union of South American Nations with a headquarter in Quito, Ecuador, the South American Parliament in Cochabamba, Bolivia, The South Bank in Caracas, Venezuela.

They have a little more to work on a common official currency, but the travel between the member countries of the UNSUR is unrestricted and based only on the id.
The European tourists are well treated with a hospitality that lasts for 90 days, except for Peru that offers a 183 days stay for a tourist visa.
As we stayed in Peru for a year and 3 months, we paid a fine of $1.3 / person / day.

We tried at the customs to avoid paying the fine for the children, but the bureaucracy was so bad that we calculated roughly around $2,000 out of our pockets, while humming on “Imagine!” by John Lennon.

Yes, in 2017 globe citizens have a freedom of movement still very restricted. That is, in 2017, you should keep you tourist aspirations below 3 months of travel.
So in the next 3 countries, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay, we stayed for as long as we were permitted, leaving every time after 2 months and 3 weeks.

We would have stayed longer, but we can only afford one fine per year 🙂
We shall see now, as Brazil can’t be travelled in 3 months so… 🙂






Am hotarat sa mai stam o zi, in care sa domolim motoarele, o alta zi in natura!

Oscar si Becka se plimba nestingheriti pe dealurile dinprejur. Copiii se joaca neincetat, au alergat, au facut arcuri, au terminat cartea “Toporisca” (le-a citit-o Lavinia in doua zile, timp in care au stat nemiscati si foarte atenti la subiect).

Carla a facut dulceata de jabuticaba, care a iesit un deliciu, are gust dulce-acrisor-amarui, duce un pic inspre dulceata de cirese amare a lui tata!

Adevarul este ca ne-am indragostit de Brazilia si ne gandim serios cum sa facem sa o vizitam in toata vastitatea ei.

Observam cum tarile isi rezerva o reciprocitate vis-a-vis de statutul legal al vizei de sedere pentru turisti.

Asa ca, Sud Americanii prin 2004 au semnat un tratat asemanator Comunitatii Europene in care si-au format UNASUL – Uniunea Natiunilor Sud Americane, cu sediul in Quito – Ecuador, Parlamentul Sud-American in Cochabamba – Bolivia si cu sediul Bancii de Sud in Caracas – Venezuela.

Mai au ceva pana la moneda unica dar cert este ca circulatia intre statele membre se desfasoara liber, pe baza buletinului.

Europenii, sunt tratati cu o ospitalitate de 90 de zile maxim, exceptie facand Peru fiind dublu de ospitalieri cu 183 de zile de viza de turist.

Cum noi am zabovit in Peru un an si aproape 3 luni, am platit o amenda de 1.3$/ persoana/ zi.

Ce tare ca suntem 5, am incercat sa fim exonerati si sa nu platim amenda copiilor dar lantul birocratic fiind prea complicat, un calcul matematic mic ori 5 si ne  “zboara” din buget aproape 2000$ pe fundalul muzicii lui John Lenon – “Imagine”!

Da in 2017, oamenii au o libertate de miscare inca foarte limitata. Adica in 2017 turismul se limiteaza la 3 luni, nu?!

Asa ca prin urmatoarele tari precum Chile, Bolivia si Paraguay am zabovit cat ne-a permis statutul si am parasit teritoriul fiecareia dintre ele dupa 2 luni si aproape trei saptamani.

Am fi stat mai mult dar nu ne permitem decat o amenda pe an!

Sa vedem acum cu Brazilia, pentru ca tara asta nu poate fi vizitata in 3 luni asa ca… 🙂

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