15 Mar 2018


Today is Pi’s birthday. Not the Indian that shared a boat with a tiger, but the geometric number 3.14. I actually didn’t know that, but Google opened my page with today’s celebration. This is what Google showed me for the IP in Brazil, I don’t know what it considered important for other corners of the world.

Today Einstein is born too, but it is too german to celebrate it’s B-Day internationally. We can at least not forget his words about “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”, and not forget that the single constant in the world is change.

So, Happy B-Day 3.14!

It’s not funny that neither radius nor circle is celebrating?

What about them!

What funny times we are living, when we are celebrating Pi’s birthday instead of Einstein’s!

A human, a fellow, the most intelligent man.


We had a fantastic night. Since we moved in this house our schedule has been pretty hectic. When we were on the road with Lollipop it was more simple, 7 am waking up, 10 pm all in bed. Last night I almost fainted in bed. The clock was almost three at night. We heard Becka meowing on the other side of the bedroom door. I asked Lavinia why is the cat crying. Why? Because Becka doesn’t meow. Lavinia has an idea: she might start her labour.

“I can’t believe it! Now?”

“Starting now” says Lavinia smiling.

“Noooooo! And until when?” I ask panicked.

I woke up several times last night. At 7 am they were 7 little black puffs. I count her nipples. They are 8, I’m relieved, each of them will be fed. You may laugh, but that is what crossed my mind when I saw how many they were. This is “our” fourth birth giving.

It happened twice in Peru and once in Brazil when we were stuck in Balneario Camboriu, as I wrote here. We only had 3 then, but today, on Pi’s day they are 3+1+4= 8; 7 little black fur balls, 5 boys and 2 girls, plus their mother, 8 in total.

It was a sublime night. I am not a fan of sugary words, but it was quite something to witness this much love. I was impressed. I am not ashamed to say that I was impressed to tears or that I dreamt I was drinking for joy.

I woke up startled and scared

That it was not a dream

But it was a dream

So, I was even more excited

That I dreamt

That I drank

That I cried

With the cat.

I can hear Edgar Allan Poe screaming from his tomb so I’ll stop now.

Astazi este ziua lui Pi. Nu a indianului ala ce-a impartit barca cu un tigru ci a constantei geometrice 3.14. Nu stiam ca si-a tras Pi zi internationala dar Google imi deschide agenda cu sarbatoarea zilei.

Asta-mi arata mie google-ul dupa IP-ul de Brazilia, nu stiu ce-a considerat el important ca e de aratat prin alte colturi ale lumii.

Astazi s-a mai nascut si Einstein. Se pare ca e prea neamt sa-l sarbatorim international. Zic, ca nu-i putem uita vorbele despre cum “măsura inteligenţei este capacitatea de a schimba”, si despre cum singura constanta e schimbarea.

La Multi Ani 3.14, paradoxal este ca nu sarbatoreste nici raza nici cercul.

Am avut o noapte senzationala. De cand ne-am tras casa avem un program haotic. Cu Lollipop pe drumuri era simplu, la sapte dimineata trezirea si la 22.pm sforairea. Azi noapte aproape c-am semi-lesinat in pat. Limba mica a ceasului se pregatea sa linga cifra trei.

Cam tot pe atunci am auzit-o pe Becka  miorlaind de partea cealalta a usii de la dormitor. Cu ochii lipiti de somn o intreb pe Lavinia de ce plange pisica. De ce de ce ce? Pentru ca Becka nu miorlaie.

Lavinia ma plezneste cu parerea – Cred ca NASTE!

  • Nuuuuu te cred! Acum?
  • Incepand de acum – imi raspunde Lavi zambind

  • Nuuuuu te cred! Pana cand? – intreb eu ranjind

M-am trezit de cateva ori in noapte, pe la vreo 7 erau 7 negrii mititei. Ma apuc sa-i numar tatele, 8 – m-am linistit, mananca toti.

Poate radeti dar asta mi-a trecut prin cap cand am vazut cati sunt. Pana acum a mai nascut de 3 ori. De 2 ori in Peru si inca o data in Brazilia cand ne-a “blocat” frumos in Balneario Camboriu, am mai scris aici. Atunci nu ne-a bucurat decat cu 3 bucati, acum de ziua lui Pi, 3+1+4=8; 7 negrii mititei, 5 baieti si 2 fete si cu mama 8!

A fost o noapte sublima. Nu ma caracterizeaza folosirea cuvintelor gen miere pe pereti dar m-am topit sa vad atata dragoste, m-am topit. Nu mi-e rusine sa spun si ca am lacrimat si nici ca am visat ca am baut de bucurie.

M-am trezit buimac si speriat ca n-a fost vis.

Dar a fost vis si m-am bucurat si mai tare

Ca am visat

Ca am baut.

Ca mi-a placut

Ca m-am distrat

Cand m-am trezit ploua afara si era innorat.

Nu ma durea capul, eram doar consumat.

Am mosit aseara 7 pisoi negri pufosei mititei

Mi-e drag de ei si-mi place tare

Ca ploua afara si nu-i cald.

Plaja e pustie, superb e-o nebunie

Dar eu stau cu pisicii mei negri

La alaptat.

Il aud pe Eminescu din pamant cum urla la mine sa ma opresc, asa ca o fac! Pana acum a tipat Mozart sa ma opresc din exersat cu vioara.

Vecinii s-au mutat.

Sunt obosit si nu stiu ce sa fac.

Am obosit sa aranjez pisicii la alaptat.

Scriu ceva si m-am culcat.

Sic Eminescule!

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