We are Gabi and Lavinia. 

The Universe gave us three beautiful children. 

We used to have everything but lacked peace and we didn’t know how to enjoy life or our kids. We had everything, but no patience. 

We had everything, but lacked ourselves. 

We left it all and went out to discover the world, happiness and ourselves. 

In college I learned how the mind works. 

In the Peruvian jungle, I learned from plants who I was and what I was doing on this earth. 

It’s been 10 years since we are traveling the world. 

Our children are unschooled.

A child needs to be loved and discovered, that is all he needs. 

All you can give a child is love. 

In love reside all the values and the education. 

If life feels overwhelming and difficult to be enjoyed, if you have family problems and you can no longer find the beauty of things, if you have children and find it difficult to be happy with them, if you want to change any of these things, send us an e-mail at gabi@iamfamily.eu

If you want to learn more about us, you can read what we have been writing because we did it with our open hearts. 

Other than that, nothing, all’s good…


Suntem Gabi si Lavinia. 

Universul ne-a incredintat 3 copii frumosi. 

Aveam de toate dar nu aveam liniste si nu stiam sa ne bucuram de copii si de viata. 

Aveam de toate dar nu aveam rabdare. 

Aveam de toate dar nu ne aveam pe noi. 

Am lasat tot si am plecat sa descoperim lumea, fericirea si pe noi. 

In facultate am invatat cum functioneaza mintea. 

In Jungla Peruviana am invatat de la plante cine sunt si ce caut pe acest pamant. 

Au trecut 10 ani de cand pribegim prin lume. 

Copiii sunt unschooled. 

Un copil trebuie iubit si descoperit, in rest nu are nevoie de nimic. Unui copil n-ai ce sa-i dai in afara de dragoste.

In dragoste sunt toate valorile si toata educatia. 

Daca viata te apasa si nu te bucuri de ea, daca ai probleme in familie si nu te bucuri de viata, daca ai copii si nu te bucuri de ei, daca vrei sa faci ceva pentru a schimba lucrurile, trimite-ne un mail la gabi@iamfamily.eu

Ca sa ne descoperi mai mult trebuie sa citesti ce-am scris, pentru ca am scris cu sufletul deschis. 

In rest, nimic, toate bune…