5 Best Places for Camping in America

Who says camping in America is something that you can only do in summers? There are some exotically beautiful hot spots around America that have diverse climates, wildlife and open spaces. Either you are a person with an RV and a heavy budget or an adventurous soul with a bag pack and a few essentials to survive, these spots are perfect for everyone.

Have you ever wanted to go for camping to a place that is the safest yet looks the most thrilling and deserted? We have got you covered. Here are some scenic camping spots that you would not resist visiting:

  1. Ludington State Park in Michigan:

If you are going for camping with your family, this one is a perfect spot for you. It can cater to all the different preferences of your family with a beautiful lake to swim in, forests that are perfect for nature hiking, sand dunes that you can walk on barefoot, and jet skiing as well. The small area offers you a nature and adventure filled diversity. The campsites offer you a year-round accommodation.

  1. Joshua Tree National Park in California:

If you are up for some serious hiking and rock climbing, this is the spot for you. There are 10 mountain peaks all around the place. Moreover, it is never too cold there so you can visit it in winters too. Make sure you are all geared up with some climbing sticks and appropriate shoes because that becomes inevitable on the mountains of Joshua National Park.

  1. Everglades National Park in Florida:

Looking for a place where you can do some fishing adventure and biking? Everglades National park is exactly where you need to go for camping. It is going to be a lively and picturesque experience; we assure you that. However, do remember to take a bug repellent with you as an essential on the trip.

  1. Wyalusing Hardwood Forest in Wisconsin:

Wyalusing hardwood forest offers you a great fishing opportunity. It is a forest covered in thick lush green trees. You can enjoy the calmness of this place and meditate as well. If you are a person who likes solitude and nature, this is the right spot for you to go camping.

  1. Glacier National Park in Montana:

The best part about this place is the highway covering 50 miles that offers fresh sunbeams and a festival of nature. Moreover, you find some beautifully scenic campsites on the way and glaciers for some extra adventure. You can go for mountaineering and skiing too. The glaciers around make the whole camping even more exciting, fresh and breezy.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and get yourself ready for some real adventure on the unforgettably serene hot spots.

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