I was talking yesterday about how education changes according to economic and spiritual needs of the society. The value of education fluctuated through time. Around 1600 a cultured man was a well travelled man. Art was accessible only to the rich.

The switch to capitalism not only balanced things offering free education for everybody, it even imposed it.

A little enrollment necessary for the social mechanism to provide specialized people requested for evolution and development.

A normal evolution and a switch of humankind from needs to wishes, a race of individualism for personal satisfaction.

It is interesting for me how the current changes in education indicate future big changes and social reorganizing, a natural evolution.

Elon Musk is a contemporary example of a top position in the social scheme. We could find something on Mars, we go as far as we can.

He carries cars into space, he has fun, he is at the border of current possibilities. The most recent example of the subtle mocking he is capable of is the “Throwflame” toy.

The story goes like this: he was getting bored and therefore creates a company called “The Boring Company” just as a hobby. The company is supposed to build some experimental tunnels, he hires engineers and starts the tunnel.

To finance his project he build a fire launcher that he pre-sells. Let get this straight, he pre-sells at $500, but only a limited amount will be available, 20000 pieces.

He sells everything in 4 days and raises $10,000,000. People ask for more, but he doesn’t even consider building more. It’s done, I’ve closed, people, can’t you understand?

Now when he tries to ship them, the customs doesn’t accept to carry flame launchers. So he renames his product, a little longer name, indeed, “Not a Throwflame” and this way he can ship the items to their buyers. Now it is sold on ebay with $3000.  What are we talking about here?!

Let me give you the link of the company site, it’s worth a look. On his tweeter account you can see the battle over the launchers.


Va vorbeam ieri despre cum educatia isi schimba forma in functie de nevoile economice si spirituale ale societatii. Valoarea educatiei a variat in timp.

Pe la 1600 un om cult era un om plimbat. Arta nu era accesibila decat celor bogati.

Trecerea oranduirii sociale la capitalism nu numai ca a reglat balanta oferind educatie pe banda rulanta la toata lumea, a si impus-o.

O mica inregimentare necesara mecanismului social sa miste in pas cu cererea de specialisti impusa de evolutie si dezvoltare.

O evolutie normala si o trecere a omenirii de la nevoi la dorinte, o cursa a individualitatii in a se satisface.

Interesant face ca pentru mine schimbari in tendintele educatiei indica viitoare mari schimbari si reorganizari sociale, o naturala evolutie.

Elon Musk este exemplul  contemporan al maximului atins din punct de vedere al schemei sociale. Poate pe Marte sa mai gasim ceva, ne ducem in exterior cat putem.

Duce masini in spatiu, se distreaza pur si simplu, nu mai are ce face.

Cel mai recent exemplu al mistoului subtil pe care nenea Elon are capacitatea sa-l faca este jucaria “Not a Throwflame”.

Auzi poveste aici.

Nenea Elon de plictiseala face o companie pe care-o si denumeste compania plictisita “The Boring Company”, asa, de hobby. Compania urmeaza sa construiasca nu stiu ce tunele experimentale, angajeaza ingineri si se apuca de treaba adica incepe tunelul.

Ca sa-si finanteze hobby-ul, face un aruncatori de flacari pe care-l pre-vinde.

Sa ne intelegem, il pre vinde cu 500$, numai 20.000 de bucati.

In 4 zile, le vinde pe toate si face 10.000.000$. Lumea se bate, vrea mai multe aruncatoare de flacari, el nimic! Frate, am inchis, ce nu intelegeti!

Acum omul cand sa le trimita nu poate ca vama nu accepta transportul a ceea ce se numeste un aruncator de flacari.

La care Elon il denumeste, mai lung ce-i drept, “Asta nu-i un aruncator de flacari“ si in felul asta trimite produsul la oameni. Acum se vinde pe e-bay cu 3000$.

Ce mai discutam?

A, sa va pun link-ul companiei, merita! Pe tweeter-ul lui nenea Elon puteti vedea si bataia pe aruncatoare!


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