All my grand-grandparents had little education as it was very hard back then to attend higher education and you became a real figure if you did. Back then most of the peasants that were hard workers wanted at least one of their 7 children to bring pride to their house in the form of a diploma. 

Emancipation meant not having to work in dust and sweat and become “someone” in the town, dress in suits, work in an office and, not least, have a toilet inside the house. 

One of those persons was my grandfather, he emancipated, as the times and his father requested. 

My father took the pride further, he became an intellectual and emancipated at his turn, going to the capital. 

Following the pattern of ancestral evolution desires, I should have moved to Bruxelles, worked at the European Parliament and my kids would have been among the first inhabitants of Mars. 

I ended this evolution trend to the outside, to becoming and following. 

I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter where you go and what you become if you don’t know who you are. 

If you don’t know who you are and what you are doing in this life, you can become a monster, a Hitler or a Mao and I refused to raise monsters. 

We took the responsibility of our children’s education, which doesn’t involve schools and money, but time spent together and traveling. 

If I consider myself a complete person, balanced and with a permanent desire of becoming my best version, who could have educated my children to become like me? 

Who can teach them about kindness and calm and Lavinia’s smile? 

I believe that only we can and this takes up almost all of our time. 

Today we went to the library again for more book provisions. The kids read all day and we drank our coffee eyes at the ocean, maybe a whale would show up. 

No sign of the fatty one!


Toti strabunicii mei nu au avut carte, pe acele timpuri sa frecventezi cursurile oricarui invatamant superior, te facea realmente o personalitate. Asa erau timpurile, majoritatea taranilor care munceau isi doreau ca macar unul dintre cei 7 copii sa le aduca mandria in casa, adica o diploma. 

Emancipare insemna sa nu mai muncesti in praf si sa devii cineva la oras, imbracat la costum, cu o munca de birou si nu in ultimul rand cu wc-ul in casa. 

Asta a fost bunicul, s-a emancipat cum i-au cerut vremurile si dorintele tatalui. Tata a preluat stafeta, s-a intelectualizat si s-a emancipat in continuare ajungand in capitala. 

Pe sablonul dorintelor evolutiv ancestrale eu ar fi trebuit sa ma mut la Bruxelle si sa lucrez in Parlamentul European iar copiii mei ar fi trebuit sa fie printre primii locuitori ai lui Marte. 

Eu am cam oprit acest trend evolutiv spre exterior, spre a deveni si a urma. 

Am ajuns la concluzia ca nu conteaza unde ajungi si nu conteaza ce devii daca nu stii cine esti. Daca nu stii cine esti si ce cauti pe acest pamant, poti deveni un monstru, un Hitler sau un Mao  si eu am refuzat sa cresc monstri.

Ne-am asumat educatia copiilor nostri pe care nu o realizam cu bani sau cu scoli ci cu timp petrecut impreuna si calatorii. 

Daca eu ma consider o persoana completa, echilibrata si cu dorinta permanenta de a deveni o mai buna versiune a mea, pai cine-mi poate educa mie copiii sa-mi semene? Cine-i poate invata despre bunatate si cine le poate preda calmul si zambetul Laviniei?

Eu cred ca doar noi si asta ne ocupa tot timpul!

Astazi am fost la biblioteca din nou pentru o realimentare cu carti. Copiii au citit toata ziua iar noi am baut cafea cu ochii la ocean, poate poate vedem si noi o balena.

N-a aparut grasa!

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