The questions of a father and the answers of another father. Same questions, different cultures.

Hello Gabi,

My name is .. and I live in Romania since 2003. My business brought me to Romania and there I met my wife. Today we have 2 beautiful daughters of 6 and almost 5 years old.

I found you on Facebook and I was amazed of what I found on your site. The way of thinking that led you to this way of life is the one that brings lots of questions to .. and me when having to choose a school for our daughters.

We analyzed several options and ended up with The International School of Bucharest that follows the British curricula.

The problem is that, even if we believe this school has a good human and academical level, we still have the feeling that is not the right thing for our daughters.

We fear that they might loose their spontaneity and the way they surprise us now, things we consider should be preserved for their adult life.

This is why I want to understand more of your tackling these aspects and, if I may, I have some questions:

What is the optimal timing in our kids life for an experience like your describe and to what age should it continue to?

Do you see a moment of ending this experience and reintegrating in the social life?

Do you think that a scholar formation that teaches them to write and read is still beneficial before starting this experience?

In case the answer to the last question is yes, what do you think of the British curricula? Waldorf? Which do you believe is better before starting our journey?

I thank you for the advices you could give me and I would like to excuse myself for the language mistakes… actually I learnt Romanian through a method you described in one of your posts.

By the way, don ‘t you think there is the risk that your children might lack a strong academical and sectorial base for what they are interested to learn?
Do you think this could be a handicap for their adult life?

Please don’t misunderstand me, this was not a critic, I am trying to understand because I am interested in this subject.

Thank you!


It is quite normal for any parent to wish for the best for their child. I think that every parent would want his child to go to the best schools, get the best education and become a balanced, happy and abundant adult.

It would be abnormal to wish otherwise!

Now, every parent wishes for a his child to become a balanced adult. I say balanced because there are many cases in which the kid is hippy and zen, as if flying, not walking, but the parents are not very happy with this image.
The image of perfection in the modern world could be personified in a random royal couple, educated, lots of money, not doing drugs, self-contained.

To put it simpler, we see that happy is not enough and we could say that we want from our child to be happy and balanced regarding himself and regarding the society.

A sort of eudaemonic Aristotelian concept according to which happiness is seen as an ensemble of virtues expressed though a good life and human flourish, excellence in reason, harmony and virtue. For Aristotle, happiness had to check a few essential marks:

high social status
stability / money
virtue / moral excellence

Now if you are stupid you will probably not excel in morality and it’s also less probable you will make much money, unless you get a higher enlightenment that will put an end to your suffering and distress in this life.

So parents turn to education. This is good.

Just that in Greek, the word “eudaemonic” means a flourish and not a psychological state, it expressed something that now can’t be translated properly because we lost sight of something that for them was already comprised in the word: eu = good, daemon = spirit. The spirit that the daemon is talking about is that of the inner self, not a psychological state.

Pretty hard for us right now is also to understand the meaning of virtue, which for them included a physical condition too. Something like, you have to take care of yourself, being a smart pig is not ok either. Do something, run, train for the olympics! 🙂

Moreover, another aspect that the Greeks were very good at was the conscience of the social nature of man and the respect for human relationships. They met and talked, it was the pleasure of the discussion, of the meeting, an exercise of reason. A game of the mind, without a truth value, therefore opened to infinity. An answer was not pursued because the Greeks realized that the discussion is of importance, not the result.

For us it would be very contradictory because we learnt to fight for a point of view. 🙂

What for us means happy, for the Greeks means more like fulfilled, but for eudaemonia you need to excel in the human condition. For us it’s like a way of liberation, but not the monastery way.

Education and what it became in the industrialization era, more exactly school, is no more than a formal and structural development of identity, including psychological, of a social status, as Pink Floyd greatly put it: “another brick in the wall”.

School is responsible for the well being of society, school, instills the idea of authority in the child, it disciplines him to the society rhythm, introduces competition between friends, changes the nature of human contact through uniformity, uses the repetitive method as a way of learning, excludes the mistake as part of the learning process turning this into a handicap, destroys imagination in favor of logic, kills curiosity by offering straight answers.

Do you find it ok for a 6 yo to stay not only put for 45 minutes, but pay full attention to what somebody is saying then a 15 minutes break to play and run and then another 45 minutes put. At 6 years old!?

Well, yes because we are 8 billions running after the same goal, the same tools, the same line to access a cool life, a fulfilled life like Greeks, but with our life rules of the game and for that you have to wake up early and start running.

If you work hard, and you never give up you became, like Greeks said, a fulfilled man. For a lot of people, fulfilled it’s enough!

My opinion about seeking this fulfillment in life, traditional way or not, is that in the end looks good only in pictures and in between pictures are happening that thing called life that is not like in the movies when you look inside!
And of course a lot of people are choosing to cover themselves up in selfies.

And a lot of people don’t, not that they have something with taking pictures or photography itself, they have it all but that all it’s not that all because something is missing.

Well, that missing thing is the difference between fulfilled and eudaemonia.

Traditional school can, obviously, fulfill you but it will restrict and harden the eudaemonia.

Because eudaemonia means, among others, freedom and freedom cannot be taught in school, you loose it in school. Why I’m saying that; in school you are supposed to follow, in school you are supposed to compete, in school you are taught that your friends are smarter or stupider, not just different.

Imagine that; One hour before, one professor is talking about sharing and compassion about your colleague. Next hour, the next teacher enter the room and ask for a blank paper on desk. You cannot share anymore, now, the others are your enemies.

Freedom in thinking is given by experience knowledge not by linear inputed knowledge.
To us, to educate means creating life experiences together. One of the method is slow traveling.
That means that we stay at least one year where we like it. Like this we have time to connect with people on another level, not the touristic one, to feel more and to think less.

We are not retarding ourselves, don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting stupidity! I’m promoting the next level of education through consistent parenting and that’s not for everybody. I’m speaking for fulfilled people in search for eudaemonia!

For those who wish and afford to give time to live a family life outside of obligations imposed by the social mechanism, for those who discovered, not only thought that they discovered or for those who didn’t discover anything but are ready for a free fall, but especially for the “woken up” people, I recommend to start discovering life through family, the family togetherness by sharing time and living together, discovering with joy and curiosity, the unfolding layers of the complex beauty of a family life.

Consciousness means the maturity to see the things the way they are, not the way you think they are and you start to understand this maturity when you no longer are making a fuss about it.
And finally, virtue, how do you educate this complex thing?

You don’t educate it, you transmit it and the most profound meanings are transmitted through example not in words, you need a human touch in this example to transcend words.
And values cannot be taught in schools because a value is transmitted transcendentally in this world through family, not through concepts. The concepts are only points to value, they don’t hold a value property.

Waldorf or British?
Well, to reply to this question, I have to analyze a bit the two concepts.

Let’s start with Waldorf because I know the whole story already. Probably you know, that the name Waldorf comes from the Cigarette factory Waldorf Astoria. Rudolf Steiner, the creator of Waldorf Pedagogy through association with the employer’s brand was walking during that time with the bag full of revolutionary ideas related to structure of the state.
His ideas was aiming to foster human rights and equality in political life, freedom in cultural life (art, science, religion, education, the media), and associative cooperation in economic life. More about his “Social Three-folding” ideas here!

Well, the basic idea is that nobody was listening to him or his ideas politically speaking but the millionaire Emil Mot was interested and invited Mr. Steiner to have a speech to his workers. He did.
Nobody listened to him!
The society on that moment after the first World War was still in the profound social metamorphosis induced by the industrial revolution, the actuals workers of the factory where no long time ago farmers and they were different structured to educate kids now they were working in factory shifts and the kids let free on the streets.
The workers, farmers, were very thrilled by Steiner’s idea of education, they would been thrilled by any free form of education available for their kids. And they were!

Well, from my point of view with practical insight is that in our reality it happens the follow phenomenon; The Kindergarten and Waldorf Schools are more related with the cigarette factory then with Steiner’s ideas.

Carla experimented Waldorf Kindergarten and Waldorf Andean School, Kusi Kawsay from Pisac, Peru.

Ana, the little one experienced Kindergarten in the same Waldorf School from Peru mentioned above.

What is happening is pure marketing! They, Waldorf education, didn’t understand anything from Steiner, or understood like the Church from Jesus.
The zen atmosphere around kids that are not zen, it’s illogic! The aim is to teach values, to teach calm! Nothing more repressive for a developing psychic!

Ana got sick in a month, I’ve pull her out. I’ve realized, knowing my kid that she cannot stay still listening nature songs and stay still in line for taking her fruit. Now, for the kid is not the time to understand structure and authority in this way, away from home.

Instead of no education, Waldorf it’s a nice name for the same thing. Another method for inputing linear knowledge.

Let’s get into British also? 🙂

How I do it and what’s my plan!

Education means to spend time together, to teach my kids what I know best, to communicate what I know, to talk about values, to be accepted by generation and discussed, to discover together, to discover life, money, how the things work and are made of, and the most important, what do we like to do. Life experience the way we want it!

We are traveling slow and like this we have the time to let the things happen, to understand that culture, that place, those people. In holidays you can make pictures and artificially connect with people servicing tourism. We learn by traveling how normality changes and we can see naked women in a vitrine in Holland, drink a coca tea in Cusco, understand well that in Miami we go to prison for a leaf that kind, we are amazed by Portuguese because the price of trout makes it cat food for only 2€/ kilo, understand that if we have many toys and luggage we will have to carry them, we learn to give up, we are learning from life, from moments not from teachers. Teachers have their role, not here!

We stay to hotels but mostly in nature. When we stay longer, we rent a house but as well, we stay mostly outside.

After we cross Central America till Alaska in our Volksvagen Combi, which is suuuper epic, we will come back in Romania, stay with family and friends, build an earthship (a tyre structured eco house), but in reality we don’t know how things are going to happen.
What it’s already booked and planned for 2019 was to go for one year in a family format like internships in a Shaolin temple from China. We are going to learn Chinese language, Thai-Chi, or what we will choose to learn. Take a look who is interested here:
We will pay all 5 together, accommodation, food and lessons as much as some are paying to refurbish their kitchen, the only thing is to be willing to.
We are free to explore without a very structured plan, we are aware that many possibilities arise, all beautiful and we let the things happen without blocking them. It’s merely an attempt to apply the Wu-Wei concept into family life, “doing everything without doing nothing”. We are learning foreign languages, we learn to communicate with people freely, we understand different cultures, we are learning about everybody’s God and we are learning to live in a free world with borders and different rules.

I’m building with the kids their personal websites where they want to express themselves, in a daily play with us. Aris wants to make videos and publish his photos and Carla, the shy princess, wants to exercise her 4 languages that she speaks by writing and translating every post in 4 languages.

Ana is still playing. Imagining stories on her Ipad or playing with LEGO. We have a hand luggage full of Lego, that we are carrying around the globe. You can see one of her stories published here:

I don’t wish nothing in particular, or if I do, I wish to do something different, not to go to College, rather to create a College, an International University of Vloggers!
For Carla, I wish to rent a Shopping Mall in London or Paris or even Bucharest and to transform it into an ART Mall Ministry. Something like Atelier 66 of Andi Warhol. Only art and ateliers, gallery not shoe repairing, although included! 🙂

If they will want to study further in one field I don’t thing that the goal it will be like mine to have a super job that I had in television!

The education that we are giving to our kids is our preparing for adapting naturally for the jobs of the future aiming life not a quest for an academic structure.

I think that life is meant to be lived and our plans are only happy family games.

One family can change the world!

… and is the next level in education! 🙂

You have a business and you are a father, how do you manage your life? See, I cannot go further, but my intuitive advice is:

If you “afford”, do business remotely and learn how to do everything surrounded by your family and kids. Evolve to the next level of business when the kids are all the time in the presence of you. You, your wife and your beautiful angels, all a beautiful family.

If you don’t, then make a bigger office and make them a desk to play and a little couch for resting.

Times are changing, jobs are changing, businesses are changing.

How are they changing?

The way you want them to! 🙂














Intrebarile unui tata, raspunsurile altuia. Aceleasi intrebari, culturi diferite.

Salut Gabi,

Numele meu este :), sunt :)) si trăiesc in Romania din 2003. Business-ul meu m-a adus acolo si acolo am cunoscut-o pe :), soția mea. Azi avem doua fetițe minunate: :), 6 ani si :), aproape 5 ani.

Prin Facebook am ajuns la situl vostru si am rămas uimit de cea ce am găsit acolo. Gândirea si motive care V-au adus sa alegeți acest stil de viața sunt cele care crează multe semne de întrebare lui 🙂 si mie de când a trebuit sa alegem o școala pentru fetele noastre.

Am analizat o grămada de soluții in Bucuresti si am ales in sfersit The International School of Bucharest care este bazată pe sistemul britanic.

Problema este ca, chiar dacă ni se pare ca aceasta școala este la un nivel uman si academic bun, avem sensatie ca nu este cea ce trebuie pentru fetele noastre. Ne este teama ca își vor pierde din spontaneitate si din acea capacitate de a ne surprinde pe care o au acum si care consideram ca ar trebui sa o prezerve pentru viitorul lor de adult!

In acest sens îmi doresc sa înțeleg mai mult fata de abordarea voastră si, dacă îmi permiți, am câteva întrebări.

Care este dptdv perioada cea mai potrivită in viața copiilor noștri pentru o experiența ca cea pe care o descrieti si pana la ce vârsta ai considera ideal sa se continue?

Vezi si un moment de sistare acestei călătoriei si de integrare intr-o viața socială? 



Crezi ca totousi o baza de școala care sa i permită sa citească si sa scrie ar fi de dorit înainte de a începe astfel de experiența?

In caz ca răspunsul la întrebare precedenta este da. 

Ce părere ai de curicula britanică si de waldorf. Care crezi ca ar fi mai potrivită pana la momentul in care vom începe călătoria noastră?

Îți mulțumesc mult pentru sfaturi pe care o sa poți sa îmi dai si îmi cer scuze pentru greșeli de romană… de fapt am învățat-o prin metoda pe care ai descris-o si tu intr-un post de al tău….

A propo! 

Nu crezi ca exista riscul ca copii tai sa ajungă sa aibă o baza prea puțin academica si sectorială, in funcție de cea ce i a interesat sa întrebe? 

Crezi ca acest lucru ar putea fi un handicap pentru viața lor de adult?

Te rog nu înțelege greșit, nu critic, încerc sa înțeleg pentru ca sunt interesat la acest subiect.


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Mi se pare normal ca orice parinte sa-si doreasca ce-i mai bine pentru copilul lui. Cred ca oricine si-ar dori ca propiul copil sa urmeze cele mai bune scoli, sa aiba parte de cea mai buna educatie si in final sa fie un adult echilibrat, fericit si abundent.

Anormal ar fi sa-ti doresti altceva!

Bun, acum orice parinte isi doreste din copil un adult echilibrat. Spun echilibrat pentru ca sunt multe cazuri in care copilul e super hippy si zen, pare ca zboara nu merge dar parintii parca nu sunt incantati foarte tare de imagine.

Imaginea perfectiunii in lumea moderna am putea-o exemplifica printr-un cuplu al nu stiu cui familii regale de prin lume. Educati, cu foarte multi bani, nu se drogheaza, sunt stapani pe ei, etc.

Daca ar fi sa reducem, vedem ca fericit nu este de ajuns si atunci am putea spune ca ne-am dori de la copilul nostru sa fie fericit si echilibrat in raport cu el insusi dar si in raport cu societatea.

Un fel de concept eudaimonic aristotelian in care fericirea este vazuta ca si ansamblu de calitati exprimate printr-o viata buna si inflorire umana, o excelenta in rationalitate, armonie si virtute.

Pentru Aristotel fericirea trebuia sa indeplineasca cateva puncte esentiale:

-Statut social inalt

-Stabilitate/ Bani



-Virtute sau excelenta in morala.

Acum, daca esti bou n-ai cum sa excelezi in morala si e putin probabil sa faci bani asa ca sansele sa fi fericit sunt aproape nule, asta daca nu cumva te pocneste vreo iluminare si ai cam terminat-o cu tristetea si suferinta in aceasta existenta.

Asa ca parintii se indreapta spre educatie. Foarte corect pana aici.

Numai ca la greci, cuvantul eudaimon ce desemna o inflorire si nu o stare psihologica, transmitea ceva ce acum nu mai poate fi tradus, pentru ca am pierdut din vedere tocmai acea parte care la ei era integrata in cuvant; eu = bine, daimon=spirit.

Spirit in aceasta forma daimon, se refera la un eu interior, nu la o stare de spirit!

Greu de inteles pentru noi acum este si virtutea, care la ei includea si o conditie fizica. Ceva de genul trebuie sa te intretii frate ca daca esti cat un porc dar esti destept, iar nu e ok! 🙂

Fa ceva, alearga, antreneaza-te pentru olimpiada! 🙂

Iarasi la ce mai excelau grecii era constienta naturii sociale a omului si respectarea relatiei inter-umane. Ei se intalneau si discutau, era placerea discutiei, a intalnirii in sine, un exercitiu al ratiunii,un joc al mintii, fara valoare de adevar, deci, deschis catre infinit. Nu era cautat un raspuns pentru ca grecii si-au dat seama ca discutia conteaza, nu rezultatul.

Pentru noi ar suna a contrazicere, pentru ca am invatat sa ne luptam pentru un punct de vedere. 🙂

Cam ce-ar insemna la noi fericit, la greci suna mai mult a implinit. Adica e ok sa fi implinit dar pentru eudaimonia, ai nevoie sa excelezi in conditia umana, e top frate!

La noi ar fi ceva de genul calea eliberarii dar nu de genul calugaresc.

Educatia si ce-a ajuns educatia in urma industrializarii adica scoala, este nici mai mult nici mai putin  decat o formare si o structurare inclusiv psihologica la nivelul identitatii, a unui rol social, cum bine-a spus-o Pink Floid prin celebrul “Another brick in the wall”.

Scoala este responsabila pentru bunul mers al societatii, scoala imprima conceptul autoritatii in copil, scoala il disciplineaza in ritmul societatii, scoala introduce competitia intre prieteni, scoala schimba natura contactului inter-uman prin uniformizare, scoala introduce modelul repetitiv ca si sistem de insusire al cunostintelor, scoala exclude greseala ca si parte integranta in procesul invatarii prin care se creeaza astfel un handicap, scoala distruge imaginatia in dauna logicitatii, scoala ucide curiozitatea prin oferirea raspunsurilor.

Vi se pare normal ca un copil de 6 ani sa stea 45 de minute nu spun locului, 45 de minute sa fie atent la ce spune o persoana, apoi pauza 15 minute  ca sa il lasam sa alerge si sa se joace, urmand alte 45 de minute. La 6 ani! 🙂

Pai, da pentru ca este o competitie acerba pentru a accesa o viata misto, gen a la greci dar cu mijloacele zilelor noastre! Cam trebuie sa te apuci devreme sa tragi!

Daca tragi si nu te lasi o ai, devii ce spuneau grecii, un om implinit. Unii oameni se multumesc cu aceasta implinire cu o viata misto, relaxata, respectata, etc!

Eu cred ca implinirea asta arata bine doar in poze si da, intr-adevar, unii oameni traiesc pentru selfie-uri.

Altii, nu ca au ceva cu fotografiile, au de toate dar in continuare lipseste ceva.

Ei, acel ceva este acel ceva care face diferenta intre implinire si eudaimonia.

Scoala te poate implini dar iti va ingreuna accesul la ea.

Pentru ca eudaimonia inseamna libertate si libertatea nu se invata la scoala, se pierde la scoala. Libertatea in gandire este data de experienta nu de cunostinte. La mine a educa, inseamna a creea experiente. Una din metodele cu care creem experiente sunt calatoriile lente.

Adica stam cel putin un an unde ne place. Asa avem timp sa cunoastem oameni, sa traim experiente, sa simtim mai mult si sa gandim mai putin.

Nu sa ne retardam, sa nu ma intelgeti gresit, nu promovez prostia. Promovez educatia prin parenting si asta nu este pentru toata lumea.

Pentru cei care au timp sa traiasca o viata de familie in afara obligatiilor date de mecanismul social, cei care au descoperit nu care cred ca au descoperit sau cei care nu au descoperit dar isi asuma o cadere in gol, dar mai ales trezitilor, le recomad sa descopere impreuna viata, traind-o impreuna, descoperind-o bucurosi si curiosi.

Constienta inseamna capacitatea de a vedea lucrurile asa cum sunt, fara a face un caz din asta.

Si in final virtutea, cum se educa asta?

Nu se educa, se transmite iar cele mai profunde lucruri sunt transmise prin exemplu.

Valorile nu au cum sa fie predate la scoala, valorile sunt transmise prin familie.

Waldorf sau British?

Pai ca sa raspund la intrebarea asta, ar trebui sa analizam un pic cele doua concepte.

Sa incep cu Waldorf, ca-i stiu povestea pe dinafara.  Probabil ca stiti ca numele de Waldorf vine de la fabrica de tigari si produse de tabac Waldorf-Astoria. Rudolf Steiner, creatorul pedagogiei mai sus numite umbla pe acea vreme cu diplomatul plin de idei revolutionare la adresa structurii statului. El vedea un iminent colaps in viitor daca structurile sociale continua in felul asta si propunea un fel de “triformare sociala”.  Mai multe detalii aici:

Bun, ideea este ca nimeni nu-l prea asculta, pana cand l-a intalnit pe patronul fabricii de tigari, Emil Mot. Steiner a tinut un discurs la fabrica domnului dar iarasi muncitorii nu l-au prea ascultat.

Cum societatea in acel moment dupa primul razboi mondial, era intr-o metamorfoza profunda, indusa de revolutia industriala, muncitorii, fosti tarani, acum se duceau la munca in schimburi si copiii ramaneau hai-hui!

Muncitorii, taranii, au fost foarte incantati de a-si educa copiii si indiferent ce le-ar fi vorbit Steiner ar fi fost de acord, si au fost!

Bun, din punctul meu de vedere cu valoare practica in realitatea noastra se intampla urmatorul fenomen – scolile si gradinitele cu tenta Waldorf au mai multa legatura cu fabricile de tigari decat cu ideile lui Steiner.

Carla a experimentat o gradinita Waldorf, suuuper atestata din Bucuresti si o scoala Waldorf privata in Pisac, Peru.

Ana, cea mica, a mers la gradinita din cadrul scoli private  Waldorf din Pisac, Peru.

Ce se intampla, e marketing! N-au inteles nimic! Se mimeaza o atmosfera zen, cand nimic nu e zen! Este ilogic! Se vrea a se preda valori! Nimic mai imbecil!

Ana s-a imbolnavit intr-o luna, am retras-o! Mi-am dat seama, cunoscandu-mi copilul ca nu poate sta linistita sa asculte cantece despre natura. Mi-am dat seama ca nu poate sta linistita in linie asteptand sa-i vina randul sa-si ia fructul. Nu asta este ideea!

In lipsa de altceva, Waldorf este un mod mai dragut al aceluiasi lucru.

Sa mai intram si in British?  🙂

Cum fac eu si care-i planul!

Educatie inseamna sa stam impreuna, sa le predau copiilor mei, ce stiu eu mai bine, sa le comunic ce nu stiu, sa vorbim despre valori, sa fie acceptate de catre generatii si discutate, sa descoperim lumea impreuna, sa descoperim banii, viata, cum se fac lucrurile si ce ne place.

Experienta de viata in directia pe care ne-o dorim!

Calatorim lent astfel avem timp sa intelegem acea cultura. In concedii, nu poti face decat poze. Invatam ca sunt femei goale in Olanda, bem un ceai de coca in Cusco, intelegem ca in Miami ne leaga asa ca lasam orice urma de frunza pe pamantul ce-a consacrat-o, ne uimim sa vedem ca pastravul este mancare pentru pisici in Portugalia fiind 2€/kg, intelegem ca daca avem multe bagaje, noi le vom cara, invatam sa renuntam, invatam de la viata nu de la profesori.

Stam si la hotel dar mai mult in natura.

Dupa ce vom traversa America Centrala si de Nord in Volksvagenul Combi, care-i tare epic, cu destinatia Alaska, ne vom intoarce in Romania, usor, sa… nu stiu, sa ne bucuram, intalnim, stam cu familia si prietenii, vreau sa construiesc un earthship, adica o casa din anvelope de cauciuc, fara autorizatie pentru ca este un joc de fapt, si dupa ce ne plictisim, vom pleca in China un an la un templu Shaolin. Link aici!

Vreau sa invatam despre cultura lui Kung Futzi, alias Confucius, vrem sa invatam Tai Chi, limba chineza, copiii vor sa invete Kung Fu. Este ieftin si afordable pentru toata lumea.  Platim pentru un an, cat si-ar remobila unii bucataria! Totul este sa vrei.

Ne vom plimba si experimenta fara un plan foarte definit, avem multe posibilitati, toate frumoase si nu vrem sa blocam nici una. Invatam limbi straine, invatam sa comunicam cu culturi diferite, invatam despre Dumnezeul tuturor si invatam sa ne descurcam intr-o lume libera dar cu granite si reguli diferite.

Construiesc cu copiii, Aris 9 ani si Carla 12 ani, website-urile lor personale unde vor sa se exprime. Aris vrea sa filmeze si sa publice fotografii iar Carla, mai timida, vrea sa-si exerseze cele 4 limbi pe care le vorbeste, scriind si traducand.

Ana, inca se joaca. Isi imagineaza povesti, am publicat una aici!

Imi doresc sa nu mearga la nici o facultate, imi doresc sa infiinteze ei o universitate de Youtube si comunicare audio-vizuala, unind cei mai mari youtub-eri din lume, idioti sau nu, sa predea! 🙂

Carla, mi-as dori sa inchirieze un Mall in Paris, Londra chiar si Bucuresti, unde sa-l transforme intr-un Art Mall. Ceva de genul Atelie 66 al lui Andy Warhol. Nu magazine, arta si ateliere, galerie, nu cizmarie desi inclusa! 🙂

Daca vor vrea sa aprofundeze ceva cred ca nu va fi pentru a-mi accesa fostul meu job din televiziune, de altfel bine platit, Pro Tv, nu?! 🙂

Educatia pe care o oferim copiilor este aceea prin care vor fi pregatiti sa se adapteze natural la joburile viitorului, nu ii pregatim pentru viata academica de azi.

Eu cred ca aceasta viata trebuie traita iar planurile noastre, sunt jocuri bucuroase de familie.

O familie, poate schimba o lume!

… and the next level in education! 🙂

Ai business, dar esti si tata, cum le impaci?

Daca-ti permiti, fa business-ul la distanta si tine-ti copiii aproape tot timplu. Evolueaza la nivelul in care faci afaceri cu copiii pe langa. Daca nu-ti permiti sa fii mobil, mareste-ti biroul si include-le si lor cate un birou si o canapeluta de relax.

Vremurile se schimba, job-urile se schimba, afacerile se schimba.

Cum se schimba?

Cum vrei tu! :))

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