Society equals structure. Well, this structure evolves and people within it must evolve accordingly. 

It’s a group evolution that fits some, but for others, it’s tight as a straitjacket. 

Education is another social mechanism instrument where children are homogenized and taught to follow. 

Their competences and abilities have different time frames, depending on the genetic and transgenerational memory of each of them. 

If we put them all in the same “pot” and test them by the same grid, we can tell if one is dumber than another, but we can’t state the value as a whole of one. 

This way we kill their individuality and stencil their creativity. 

Today the sun shone through a dense fog. We opened the windows and let the vapors get into the house. It was cool, but the smell of coffee warmed us. I sat in a hammock watching the birds in the nest from the roof. 

This is what we do every morning, we have our coffee and watch the birds feed their babies. The mom and dad bring food in turns all day. 

As I was watching, one baby bird came at the tip of the nest. The father approached, stopped in front of the baby for a few seconds and then flew out of the way. 

The small bird dropped into the void and then started flying, followed closely by his protective father. Left alone in the nest, the other baby started cheeping rhythmically and continuously. 

All this time, his mother remained on a near-by branch and answered him back with a cheeping that seemed calm to me. 

Fifteen minutes of cheeping later, the father came cheeping also. I and Lavinia thought that the father was telling the one in the nest how it went with his brother’s first flight. 

Well, maybe they were calming and encouraging him in fact. 

The scene was repeated and the second baby stepped on the tip of the nest and dropped and flew accompanied by his father. 

They didn’t come back since then, but we remained with a smile on our faces.

Other than that, nothing, we smile…


Societate inseamna structura. Ei bine, structura asta evolueaza iar oamenii cuprinsi de ea trebuie sa evolueze in consecinta. 

Este o evolutie de grup unde pe unii structura-i imbraca iar pe altii-i strange ca intr-o camasa de forta. 

Educatia nu este decat un instrument al mecanismului social unde copiii sunt omogenizati si invatati sa urmeze. 

Capacitatile si abilitatile copiilor au timpi diferiti, in functie de memoria genetica si transgenerationala a fiecaruia. 

Daca-i bagam in aceeasi oala si-i testam in functie de un reper, putem observa ca unul este mai bou decat celalat dar nu vom observa valoarea efectiva si de ansamblu a fiecaruia. 

Asa le omoram individualitatea si le sablonam creativitatea.

Astazi soarele a rasarit printr-o ceata densa. Am deschis geamurile si am lasat vaporii de aer sa intre in casa.

Era racoare dar mirosul de cafea proaspata ne incalzea. M-am asezat in hamac cu ochii atintiti la puii din cuibul ce atarna in latele acoperisului. 

Asta facem in fiecare dimineata, ne bem cafeaua si urmarim cum pasarelele-si hranesc puii. 

Pe rand, mama si tata aduc mancare si asta fac aproape toata ziua. In timp ce ma uitam, un pui a sarit dintr-o data pe marginea cuibului. Tatal, a venit in zbor, s-a oprit in fata puiului pentru cateva secunde dupa care s-a dat la o parte. 

Puiul s-a aruncat in gol si a zburat, urmat indeaproape de tatal protector. Ramas singur in cuib, celalat pui a inceput sa piuie ritmic si neincetat. In tot acest timp, mama a stat pe o crenguta din copacul alaturat si i-a raspuns cu un piuit pe care eu il gaseam calm. 

Dupa un sfert de ora de piuituri, a aparut si tatal care piuia si el.

Ma gandeam cu Lavinia ca tatal povestea cu lux de amanunte cum a fost primul zbor al fratelui lui.

Bine, poate-l si linisteau si incurajau in acelasi timp.

Figura s-a repetat si puiul insotit de tata, s-a aruncat in gol si zbarr in vazduh. 

Nu s-au mai intors de atunci dar noua ne-a ramas un zambet pe fata.

In rest, nimic, zambim…

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