I think goodbye’s are harder for people who stay. 

We woke up, we had breakfast and, as usual, Becka was our hand brake. We made another coffee, we positioned ourselves facing the sun and after the first sip, she appears. 

We lock her, we run to say goodbye to everybody for the second time and off we go. In a few kilometers, we stop to get provisions. The sun sets early, at 18:00 it’s already dark. I hate driving at night, but today I made an exception. 

If anyone thinks our children have the experience of the kilometers spent together, the time spent together and get along wonderful, one couldn’t be more mistaken. 

No, they don’t get along like in the movies, they push and sting and cry like a cat in heat. 

Us in front with our little coffees, them in the back with screams and sounds. Us practicing anger management, them in the back putting fuel on the fire. 

At one point I stop the car and ask them if they realize how nasty they are. They say yes, they know, but they can’t help it. 

I couldn’t add anything, 

I moved on. 

We stopped at 21:00 in a park. Aris sighs relieved and says “How good it is to be home!”

We ate cereals with yogurt and chocolate and talked about my mom and dad. 

We had fun. My parents never got along well and they continue to do that in the same good old style. 

We fell asleep all bundled up, tired but happy. 



Cred ca despartirile sunt mai naspa pentru cei care raman. Ne-am trezit, am mancat micul dejun si ca de obicei Becka ne trage frana de mana. 

Am mai facut o cafea, ne-am asezat cu fata spre soare si dupa prima sorbitura apare. O incarceram, fugim sa ne luam la revedere de la toata lumea pentru a doua oara si dusi am fost.

Dupa numai cativa zeci de kilometri, ne-am oprit sa ne aprovizionam cu de toate. Soarele apune devreme, pe la 18:00 deja e noapte. Urasc sa conduc noaptea dar astazi am facut exceptie.

Daca cineva crede ca cei trei copii ai nostri au experienta kilometrilor facuti impreuna, a timpului petrecut impreuna si se inteleg de minune, se inseala amarnic. Nu, nu se inteleg ca-n filme, se impung intruna si se miorlaie la fel de des ca si o pisica in calduri.

Eu cu Lavinia in fata cu cafelutele noastre, ei in spate cu oracaieli si tipaturi.

Noi in fata o ardeam cu anger managementul, ei in spate puneau lemne pe foc. La un moment dat trag pe dreapta si-i intreb daca-si dau seama cat de nasoi sunt. 

Imi raspund ca da, isi dau seama dar nu se pot abtine.

N-am mai zis nimic, am plecat mai departe.

Ne-am oprit pe seara in jur de 21:00 intr-un parc. Aris respira usurat si spune:

– Ce bine ca am ajuns acasa!

Am mancat iaurt cu cereale si ciocolata si am discutat despre mama si tata. Ne-am distrat. Ai mei nu s-au inteles niciodata si continua sa o faca din ce in ce mai misto. 

Am adormit claie peste gramada, obositi dar fericiti.

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