Today it was Nadia’s birthday, the big and beautiful daughter of the Dobrescus. Four families of Romanians live in Sierra Grande and all four got together to celebrate. 

When Romanians celebrate, it’s all-inclusive. Food and beverages, I mean. 

Two gorgeous and delicious cakes ended the menu of the day. 

In the evening the kids sat together for a movie and the parents for a glass of wine. 

With measure, because that’s the good way for the traveling Romanian. 

We didn’t skip the evening walk and we enjoyed a beautiful and special sunset. 

Pink and blue rays reflected into the ocean water and the palm trees on the shore made everything look like one of those postcards that you impress your relatives with. 

Lavinia, with her omnipresent camera, caught not only the sunset but also the Dobrescus, the full, smiling team. 

In order of appearance: Peter the father, Eugenia the mother, Nadia, Horia, and little Darie. 

They are all beautiful and special.

Other than that, nothing, all’s good…


Astazi a fost ziua Nadiei, fata cea mare si frumoasa a Dobrestilor. 

Patru familii de romani sunt in Serra Grande si toate patru s-au reunit sa se bucure. 

Cand romanii se pun sa petreaca, e cu de toate. La mancare si bautura ma refer. 

Doua torturi superbe si delicioase au inchis meniul zilei. 

Spre seara copiii s-au pus la un film iar parintii la vin. Cu masura ca asa-i sade bine romanului calator. 

Nu a lipsit plimbarea de seara unde ne-am bucurat de un minunat si special apus. 

Raze roz si albastre se reflectau in apa oceanului iar palmierii presarati pe mal faceau ca imaginea sa fie demna de o carte postala cu care sa-ti impresionezi rudele. 

Lavinia cu aparatul din dotare nu a imortalizat doar apusul, ci si pe Dobresti in formula intreaga si cu zambetul larg pe buze. 

In ordinea numerelor de pe tricou, Tata Petre, mama sef, Eugenia, Nadia, Horia si Darie cel mic. Sunt toti frumosi si speciali.

In rest, nimic, toate bune…

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