We wake up at sunrise, sharp!

The tent is positioned such way that at the first rays of sun it turns into a sauna so we crawl out like worms. That doesn’t bother us, or we have changed the position of the tent, I was just saying.
As much as I love the beach, I hate staying in the sun. Hate! So on the beach I am all dressed.

Today Lavinia went on a terrace to work and I went to the beach that is only 50m away, with a bunch of kids, 8 to be more exact.
Lavinia went to a cafe place to send some e-mails, to send the new article we wrote for republica.ro and other stuff we do for our on-line work, she was not there for waitering, although we are not far from there 🙂
I was joking, what is far away, anyway? In life, anything is possible…
I will let you know when our new article will be published and I highly recommend it, not (only) because it was written by us, but because it’s about unschooling.  That is, about what and why we are screwing our children’s future, as my father would say 🙂
But, hey, since when the present doesn’t count anymore and… they don’t seem too opressed right now, do they?! 🙂

Anyway, let’s go back to the other scenario, where we were at the beach and as I don’t have an umbrella, I go to the rental lady that always makes a special, loyal client price for me.

We don’t have an umbrella because we bought 3 until now and lost them all. One we tied to the roof of the car and flew with the wind, the second was dragged by the wind in the water and I resented going into the water lest I should get wet and the third one “flew” away from Lollipop when probably somebody thought that it matched his car better than mine.

So now we rent.
I get close to the 3 by 3 meters pavilion where the lady is waiting for me smiling like in a commercial and a thought crosses my mind “I think she might fancy me”.
I approach her smiling myself and I put my chair under her pavlion telling the children to undress and go in the water.

That was the “go” they were waiting for. I turn to her and start a casual conversation. At first she is quiet for a second. I am watching the kinds playing in the water. At some point she asks:
“Don’t you want an umbrella?”
“Well… don’t you need a shadow?”
“Not really… I have one.”
“You can’t stay here, sir!”
I explain to her that I was joking, she relaxes and asks:
“Where do you want to put it?”
I smile, as the beach was full, and I say:
“Wherever you want to”
As the only free space was in the water, we decided to mount it half under the pavilion, half out.
This is perfect, just that a lot of people will contact me for the rental when she will be away, but it’s the only available option so… that’s it!



Ne trezim odata cu rasaritul soarelui, fix!

Cum avem aranjat cortul, la primele raze ale soarelui se transforma in sauna asa ca iesim taras ca ramele. Nu ne deranjeaza asta ca am fi schimbat pozitia cortului, doar ziceam.
Pe cat imi place plaja, nu-mi place sa stau in soare. Deloc! Asa ca eu stau pe plaja imbracat. Astazi Lavinia a plecat la terasa sa lucreze iar eu cu o sleahta de vreo 8 copii, am luat drumul plajii care este la doar 50 de metri de Lollipop.
Lavinia s-a dus la terasa sa trimita articolul ce l-a scris pentru republica.ro si alte chestii din timpul muncii ce-o dedicam online-ului, nu ca sa serveasca la mese si nu ca am fi departe de asta! Glumeam, ce e departe?! 🙂

O sa va anunt cand o sa fie publicat articolul, pe care-l recomand cu caldura pentru ca este despre Unschooling. Adica despre ce si de ce ne batem noi joc de viitorul copiilor nostri cum ar zice tata!
Da ce do’mne, prezentul nu mai conteaza si in alta ordine de idei, nici prea chinuiti nu par, nu?! 🙂

In fine, sa ne intoarcem la scenariul celalalt, unde noi ajunseseram deja pe plaja si cum nu am umbrela, ma duc la aceeasi doamna ce-mi face acelasi pret special de client fidel.
Nu am umbrela pentru ca am cumparat deja 3 si le-am pierdut!
Pe una nu am legat-o de portbagaj si a zburat, una a zburat pur si simplu in apa si nu am intrat dupa ea ca nu am vrut sa ma ud si a treia “a zburat” realmente de langa Lollipop, probabil ca cineva s-a gandit ca se asorteaza cu masina lui nu cu a mea!
Asa ca aleg sa inchiriez!
Ma apropii de pavilionul de 3×3 metri unde vanzatoarea ma astepta cu zambetul pe buze si ca intr-o reclama imi trece prin gand “cred ca ma place grasutza”!
Zambind ma apropii de ea, o salut si-mi montez scaunul pliant langa ea, sub pavilionul unde-si tinea sezloangele si umbrelele, spunandu-le copiilor sa-si lase lucrurile aici si sa fuga in apa. Asta si asteptau, bineinteles.
Ma intorc la doamna si incep o conversatie banala gen “cum e ziua, etc”
Primul moment de tacere. Eu stau si-mi privesc copiii cum socializeaza si se joaca in apa, la un moment dat ea ma intreaba:
“Nu vreti umbrela?”
-Pai, si nu vreti umbra?
-Pai am!
Nu se poate sa stati aici domnule !
Ii explic ca a fost o gluma, se relaxeaza si-mi spune:
“Ei, acum… unde o punem?” zambeste gales.
Zambesc si eu si cum plaja era plina ii raspund:
– Unde vrei tu!
Cum nu a prea avut loc decat in apa, am cazut de acord sa o punem jumate sub pavilion, jumate afara!
E perfect numai ca o sa ma intrebe o gramada de lume cat e umbrela daca nu o fi grasutza pe aici, dar cum nu avem optiuni, asta e!

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