Today I woke up with an yearning for leaving. Actually, we all felt the same way. “A traveler must travel” and we’ve been staying for two weeks. It’s been nice, with sun, rain or storm, new friends, theme parks, bbq un the beach and last, but not least, 3 brand new kittens. Their eyes are half open now so we want to help them see the world.

As much as I like traveling, I hate good byes. Good byes are part of life and we learnt not to make a big deal out of them. At the beginning of our journey, when the kids made stronger connections, leaving always meant crying and sadness.

I could say that now they have a different perception on friendship. There is no room now for crying or sadness as there is none for arguing or fighting. We live in the now, we value the time spent with new friends and we give up the masks.

There is no time of misleading people, so we are pretty authentic and transparent, even if that means risking to upset people sometimes.

So I don’t like goodbyes because of the emotional involvement. I understand crying and sadness when you really lose a friend to a sudden death or accident, otherwise why should we cry?

I think that instead we should cherish our good time together and hope that one day we will meet again.

So we left joyfully with kids running after the car shouting! We stopped after only 100 meters to tune some on Lollipop. Lollipop is much like my grandfather, Momo, before he died. At 97 he asked the doctor to check his peace maker he had had implanted a few decades back, the expiry date on that was long due, but he felt like going on living for a century or so!

Everything on this little car is out of date, rain comes in through the holes, there is rust all over, but its spirit is intact so it started after 20 minutes of work, huffing like a locomotive. We are heading towards Bombinhas Beach that our friends at http://www.jardimdomundo.com recommended. More on this, tomorrow.















Astazi, m-am trezit cu dor de duca. De fapt, in unanimitate simteam acelasi lucru. Vorba romaneasca “Calatorului ii sta bine cu drumul” iar noi stam deja de doua saptamani.

Au fost frumoase, cu soare, ploaie si furtuna,  prieteni noi, parcuri de distractie, gratare pe plaja si colac peste pupaza ne-am si marit familia cu 3 pisoi. Au dat ochi pe jumatate asa ca vrem sa-i ajutam sa vada si ei lumea asta.

Pe cat imi place sa calatoresc pe atat nu suport despartirile. Despartirile fac parte din viata iar noi invatam sa nu mai facem atata caz din asta. La inceputul calatoriei noastre, cand copiii se conectau de o natura mai profunda, despartirile se lasau cu plans si tristete. As putea spune ca acum au alta perceptie asupra conceptului de prietenie.

Nu mai e loc de plans sau de tristete cum nu mai e loc nici de certuri si suparari. Traim momentul prezent, ne bucuram de timpul petrecut cu prieteni noi si lasam mastile la o parte. Nu e timp de indus lumea in eroare, asa ca suntem cat se poate de transparenti si autentici cu riscul de a deranja cateodata.

Deci, nu-mi plac despartirile din cauza naturii emotionale implicate. E de plans si tristete doar cand se intampla ca sa pierzi definitiv un prieten printr-o moarte  prematura sau accident, altfel de ce sa plangem?!  Ba sa fim bucurosi ca daca ne-am simtit bine impreuna vom cauta un moment sa ne intalnim din nou!

Asa ca noi am plecat cu veselie cu copiii alergand dupa masina in tipete si chiote!

Ne-am oprit dupa 100 de metri, sa mai reglam la Lollipop. Lollipop e ca bunica-miu, Momo, inainte sa moara. La 97 de ani a cerut sa i se verifice inima ce si-o pusese cu cateva decenii in urma, ca iesise din termenul de valabilitate dar el inca avea pofta sa mai traiasca un secol!

La masinuta asta totul e iesit din garantie, ii intra apa si prin urechi iar rugina i se scurge pe alocuri, dar spirit are asa ca dupa 20 de minute a pornit pufaind ca o locomotiva.

Ne indreptam catre Plaja Bombinhas, recomandata de prietenii nostri de la www.jardimdomundo.com.

Mai multe va mai zic si maine.

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