Coconut Oil the Healthiest and Versatile Oil on the Planet!!!

Living in Peru is like traveling by train, Train of Life to be more specific ! At every stop, “pasaheros” jump in the train, some of them become friends,  others become challenges, and lessons of life! In this South American story we’ve met Adrian, a Californian, tall guy with coconut  fragrance !! Adrian has two passions in his life : coconut oil and “ Flat Earth”! I don’t know for sure if it’s passion or obsession, or a mixture of  both!! Right now, we’ll talk about coconut, and probably later I will explain to you guys, how my kids rise questions about how round is the earth, and how they end up asking for proofs about this issue!!! After months of watching Adrian how he used coconut oil with everything ( cooking all his food, or using it as cream for skin and hair, or as a “medicina” for parasites, fever or bronchitis), I began to make my own research! This is what I’ve got!:

Coconut oil is the best oil for cooking:

1.Coconut oil has the best resistance to heat and doesn’t produce free radicals, like the rest of oils, in general.  His subtle flavor doesn’t change the flavor of your food but just add an exotic touch! So use Coconut oil as a replacement for vegetable oils!
2. Use Coconut oil as a diary free replacement to butter
3. Do you like creamy coffee?! The best way to enjoy your coffee  and also  to take your daily dose of healthy fats is by mixing in a blender one cup of organic coffee with a teaspoon of Coconut oil, and a drop of vanilla extract( optionally)! The coffee never tastes better!!!
4. Do you like chocolate? Coconut oil makes fantastic homemade chocolate!  With just a few extra ingredients, Coconut oil will morph into an incredible, impressively smooth, rich dark chocolate that won’t require a chocolate-making workshop to learn. You can add, dry fruits, flavors, nuts or keep it classic! Use your endless creativity!!



1.  Coconut oil is a brain boosting snack!! Take everyday a teaspoon of Coconut oil with a teaspoon of chia seeds, and you have one full day of energy boost for body and brain. Don’t take it in the evening if you don’t plan to have a white night!!!
2.  Coconut oil increases absorption of calcium and magnesium
3.  Can speed weight loss when taken daily
4.  Coconut oil increases immunologic system. 50% of fat content in Coconut oil is lauric acid. When coconut oil is enzymatic digested, it also forms a monoglyceride called monolaurin  which is a strong antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Ideal for preventing children diseases.
5.  Coconut oil increases the level of good cholesterol, preventing heart problems and cardiovascular attacks.
6.  Coconut oil can  help the digestion and liver problems. Co cleans the intestine and kills Helicon Pylori bacteria.
7.  Coconut oil can help improve sleep.
8.  Coconut oil boosts hormone production.
9.  Are you pregnant? Take coconut oil  for providing the baby necessary fats for his best development
10. Coconut oil prevents and reduces the effects of hypothyroidism  and also prevent thyroid  cancer
11. Coconut oil help skin heals faster.
12. Coconut oil can help get rid of cellulite, when used consistently.


1. Coconut oil can be an excellent  eye make-up remover
2. Coconut oil  can increase sun tolerance and avoid burning when used externally
3. Coconut oil is a naturally  low SPF sunscreen
4. Coconut oil can be used in homemade lotion bars, homemade lotion recipes, homemade lip balm, homemade diaper cream, baby lotion
5. Coconut oil  can stimulate hair growth when it’s rubbed into scalp daily
6. Coconut oil is so good in cracked heels
7. Coconut oil in addition to apple cider vinegar can be an amazing natural treatment for lice


1. In dog treats
2. For pets struggling with skin issues when used externally


Use unrefined organic coconut oil as it is considered the gold standard!!!

A more comprehensive post about coconut oil with bonus recipes you can find it here: www.cookingdetective.com

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