After the great migration of the people, the only ones that still travelled besides the nomad tribes were the merchants and the pilgrims. That means that the ones that could not stay put left in the search of God or money, interior vs financial reasons.

As proof is the story of the apostles that walked and wasted their strengths around the world to preach the words and light of brother Jesus, there is also Buddha who was born in Nepal and became enlightened in India. If you take a look at the map and see the long distance he walked through the Indo – Gangetic plain for 40 years, I wonder how he still manages to keep that belly fat. Whatever, forgive me, Buddha, my mind went ahead of me and I mindlessly wighted you.

I should take a leap to education for further explanation.

History shows us that the education changes with every history stage influenced by the material and spiritual condition of society. In the civilized world, education emerged as the clerics’ monopoly, the priests were educated and the church helped education develop.

The decentralization was the work of the bourgeois during Renaissance.

It all began with the “Grand Tour” when the princes and princesses travelled through Europe for years in an initiation tour in arts and culture. That was education, to open your mind to the independence, understanding of beauty and the power of getting to know different cultures made you educated.

Being able to talk about an aria seen at the Venice Opera, something else in Paris, Vienna and so on, experimental wisdom was something!

The next change given by the purpose and value of education was triggered by social evolution produced by the industrialization, a rearrangement of the social mechanism.

Enrollment replaced knowledge and The Grand Tour became tourism.

Pilgrims and the ones interested in an inner quest have passports now. 🙂

I was thinking that in a possible return of Messiah it wouldn’t be enough to restore the eyesight or the health of a few homeless people. He would have to fly like Superman and the effect of his cross to resemble the power of the hammer of Thor.

We won’t nail him this time, but maybe some electric shocks like in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” to make him understand that he cannot preach without a permit lest he should disturb public order.

Dupa marea migratie a popoarelor cine mai calatorea in afara de triburile nomade care nu s-au asezat niciodata, erau negustorii si pelerinii.

Adica cine n-a putut sta, a plecat ba in cautarea lui Dumnezeu, ba sa faca bani, motive interioare vs. motive financiare.

Martora ramane povestea apostolilor care s-au plimbat de si-au tocit picioarele prin toata lumea sa propovaduiasca vorba, lumina fratelui Jesus, mai e si Buddha care s-a nascut in Nepal dar s-a iluminat in India.

Daca te uiti pe harta cat a mai strabatut asta pe jos prin campia Indo-Gangetica pret de 40 de ani, ma tot intreb cum de nu a dat si el jos din colaceii aia?!

In fine, iarta-ma frate Buddha, ca mi-a luat-o mintea pe dinainte si te-am cantarit fara sa vreau.

Trebuie sa sar un pic la educatie ca sa va fac legatura.

Istoria ne arata ca educatia diferă de la o etapă istorică la alta în funcție de condițiile materiale și spirituale ale societății. In lumea civilizata, educatia a aparut ca si un monopol al clerului, preotii erau invatatii si biserica a dezvoltat educatia.

Descentralizarea a produs-o burghezimea, in epoca Renasterii.

Totul a inceput prin “The Grand Tour” in care printii si printesele plecau cu anii prin Europa intr-un turneu initiatic in arta si cultura. Asta era educatia, a-ti deschide mintea spre o independenta, intelegerea frumosului si puterea cunoasterii diferitelor culturi facea ca un om sa fie considerat educat.

A putea vorbi de o arie vazuta la Opera din Venetia, nu stiu ce pe la Paris, Viena, etc, ce sa mai, greutatea experentiala era ceva nene!

Urmatoarea schimbare data de scopul si valoarea educatiei a fost dictata de evolutia sociala produsa de fenomenul industrializarii, o rearanjare a mecanismului social.

Inregimentarea a inlocuit cunoasterea iar The Grand Tour s-a transformat in turism.

Pelerinii si cei preocupati de calatoria interioara au pasapoarte acum.

Chiar ma gandeam ca la o eventuala intoarcere a lui Mesia,nu ar mai fii suficient doar sa redea vederea si sa insanatoseasca doi, trei homelesi.

Ar trebui sa zboare ca Superman iar efectul crucii in mana lui sa se apropie de puterea ciocanului lui Thor.

Nu, ca nu-l mai rastignim de data asta  dar ii vom da niste socuri electrice pe capatana ca in filmul “Zbor deasupra unui cuib de cuci”, ca sa-l facem sa inteleaga ca nu are cum sa propovaduiasca fara autorizatie ca deranjeaza ordinea publica, nu?!

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