“Hello” is the word used to make our presence known to somebody or, better said, the formula we use to draw the attention on the fact that we exist in the space we occupy. What you say after hello is very important because it sketches the intention for which you made yourself noticed. 

Eric Berne, the father of Transactional Analysis, wrote a book that analyses the transfer of roles between people after a hello. The book is my warm recommendation, it is called “What Do You Say After You Say Hello?”

Say the right “hello” means seeing the other, being aware of him as a phenomenon, being present for him and being ready that he would be present for you. Maybe the people who best demonstrate this capacity are the natives of Fiji island, whose genuine smile represents one of the rare jewels of this world. At first instance a little slow, it illuminates the entire face, it stays for enough time for it to be recognized clearly and fades with the slow movement of a sloth. 

What if we imported a smile as a habit and implemented it nationwide, a smile after hello. 

Now imagine the most bitter person you know, that person that receives the song dedication “happiness has our face” as a prank, imagine him smiling fully and nicely after a bitter hello. Wouldn’t it be better? ?

Today we split, I went surfing with Carla and Aris and Lavinia stayed with Ana to relax and bake a vegetable lasagna and biscuits. 

Aris is the only one in our family who eats meat and Lavinia bought 200 grams of minced meat and cooked meat lasagna for him separately. 

What a good mother! 

Other than that, nothing, we are smiling! ? 


“Buna ziua” reprezinta anuntul pe care-l facem pentru a ne anunta prezenta fata de celalalt sau mai bine zis formula cu care-i atragem atentia ca existam in spatiul pe care-l ocupam.

Ce spui dupa buna ziua este foarte important, pentru ca schiteaza intentia pentru care te-ai facut remarcat. 

Eric Berne, parintele Analizei Tranzactionale, a scris o carte unde a analizat transferurile de roluri ce iau loc intre oameni, dupa ce-si spun buna ziua. O recomand cu caldura, se numeste chiar asa: “Ce spui dupa Buna ziua”.

A spune “buna ziua” corect inseamna a-l vedea pe celalalt, a fi constient de el ca fenomen, a fi prezent pentru el si pregatit ca el sa fie prezent pentru tine. Poate ca oamenii care demonstreaza cel mai bine aceasta capacitate sunt bastinasii din insula Fiji, al caror zambet autentic reprezinta una dintre rarele nestemate ale lumii. Apare lent, lumineaza intreaga fata, persista suficient incat sa fie clar recunoscut si sa exprime totodata recunoastere clara si se stinge cu o incetineala de lenes. 

Ce-ar fi daca am importa un zambet ca si procedura si l-am implementa la nivel national, un zambet dupa buna ziua. 

Imaginati-va acum cea mai acra persoana pe care o cunoasteti, acea persoana caruia-i canta prietenii in gluma, “fericirea are chipul tau”, imaginati-v-o zambind larg si incet dupa un buna ziua acru. N-ar fi mai frumos? ? 

Astazi ne-am impartit, eu am fost cu Aris si cu Carla sa surfam iar Lavinia a ramas cu Ana sa se relaxeze gatind o lasagna de legume si niste biscuiti de casa. 

Aris este singurul care mananca carne dintre noi si Lavinia i-a cumparat separat 200g de carne tocata si i-a pregatit separat o portie de lasagna cu carne. 

Ce mama buna!

In rest, nimic, zambim! ?

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