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Inca Healing Water, Lares Thermal Baths – Calca – PERU

The life of a digital nomad family has kind of a different rhythm. I mean, our joy when Friday comes is equal with Monday or any other day. One of the best thing which comes out of this is that you can avoid crowded days in spectacular places. Two days at the Thermal Baths in Lares could be everything your mind, body and soul has been quietly asking for a long time.

kids at thermal baths

You can find them at 3250 m altitude in Lares, Calca, Peru, on the way to an ancient Inca Trail. There are 4 pools with temperatures that oscillate between 36 and 44 Celsius  and the chemical composition of the water includes: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Chlorides, Sulfates, Bicarbonate, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Boron, Copper.  At the entrance you can watch stalagmites and stalactites.


The pools have different temperatures and dimensions  suitable for all your family. The place is clean and has also bodyguards.
How to reach it:

We took a public bus from Pisac to Calca, 40 minutes drive . Then another bus from Calca directly to Thermal Baths, Lares approx. 2 hours drive.
What to take:

  • Towels
  • swimming suit (choose dark colors because the water is yellow and it will paint any light colored textile)
  • sunscreen
  • hats because the sun could be very strong at this altitude
  • slippers and warm clothes for the evening.

Tips and tricks:

In Calca stop at the market and buy fresh tropical fruits, cheese and vegetables for quick snacks.

There is only one restaurant at the entrance of the Thermal Baths named Rumi Wasi.  You can ask for  fresh “ Trucha” ( trout), as they have a private fish hatchery.

Say hello to Sheila ( the dog) and Pepe (the green parrot)!

dog and parrot

Book your accommodation right there at thermal baths so you can enjoy the amazing relaxing water any hour night and day!

Take earmuffs. Carla had severe ear ache during the night.

Monday to Thursday is the best period to go there, as I was saying before, being less crowded than the weekend.


Transport: Pisac- Calca : 2 soles/person
Calca- Lares: 10 soles/person
Accommodation: 1 big room with 2 matrimonial beds, private bathroom and balcony: 50 soles/room/night

Restaurant: Fresh trout with rice, fried potatoes and salad : 10 soles
Chicken with rice, fried potatoes and salad : 7 soles

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