We are made of memories and emotions and we have inside ourselves the memories of all our ancestors. 

A simple math makes us realize that only 10 generations leave us with the memories of no more, no less than 1024 ancestors.

Let’s put it in detail:


2 – Mom and Dad – first generation

4 – grandparents – second generation

8 – grand-grandparents – third generation

16 – grand-grand-grandparents – 4th generation

32 – grand x 3-grandparents – 5th gen

64 – grand x 4-grandparents – 6th gen

128 – grand x 5-grandparents – 7th gen

256 – grand x 6-grandparents – 8th gen

512 – grand x 7-grandparents – 9th gen

1024 – grand x 8-grandparents – 10th gen

Like the computer memory, 1024 Megabytes equals 1 Gigabyte. 

This way you can explain Carla’s sky-blue eyes when nobody in our family has blue eyes. She looks like grand-grandma no 123. 

I say 123 because we don’t know her name or anything about her. Nobody knows. Pointless to speak about grand-grandpa no 1024 who didn’t live in the Paleolithic era, but rather in the 1800s. 

On Tuesday it appears that the entrance fee to the museums is free. In Rio. 

We only managed to visit the Museum of Tomorrow and the Navy Museum. 

The Museum of Tomorrow is more of a mood museum. There aren’t any works of art, but you are guided to ask yourself about where you are coming from and, more importantly, where you are going. 

At the Navy Museum we saw a submarine and a battleship. 

The only thing I could think of was why and what for?!


Suntem facuti din amintiri si emotii si continem in noi amintirile tuturor stramosilor nostri. Un simplu calcul matematic ne face sa realizam ca doar 10 generatii lasa in noi urma memoriilor a nu mai mult nici mai putin de 1024 stramosi.

Sa detaliem:


2 – Mama cu Tata – Prima generatie

4 Bunici – A doua generatie

8 Strabunici – A treia generatie

16 Stra-strabunici – A patra generatie

32 Stra-stra-strabunici A cincea generatie

64 Stra-stra-stra-strabunici – A sasea generatie

128 Stra-stra-stra-stra-strabunici – A saptea generatie

256 Stra-stra-stra-stra-stra-strabunici – A opta generatie

512 Stra-stra-stra-stra-stra-stra-strabunici – A noua generatie

1024 Stra-stra-stra-stra-stra-stra-stra-strabunici – A zecea generatie

Ca memoria de la calculator, 1024 Megabiti adica un Giga!

Asa se pot explica ochii albastri ca si cerul ai Carlei, in conditiile in care nimeni din familie nu are ochii albastri! 

Seamana cu stra-stra-stra-stra-bunica numarul 123. 

Spun numarul 123 pentru ca nu stim de unde a venit si cum o chema. Nimeni nu mai stie. 

Ce sa mai vorbim de tataie numarul 1024 care nu a trait in Paleolitic ci in jur de 1800.

Marti se pare ca este intrarea libera la muzeele din Rio. Noi n-am reusit decat sa vizitam Muzeul de Maine si Muzeul naval.

Muzeul de maine este un muzeu de stare. Nu vezi vreo opera de arta sau ceva asemanator in schimb te face sa te intrebi de unde vii si mai ales unde te duci.

La muzeul naval am vizitat un submarin si un crucisator. 

Pe mine m-a facut sa ma intreb de ce si pentru ce!

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