Although we woke up early in the morning and the car was ready, we didn’t want to leave without drinking our coffee out in the town. We left the kids sleeping and I left with Lavinia through the still empty streets, holding hands and toadying like two doves.

Liberty often gives us flashes of uncontrolled extasy. Our marriage is like a couple’s adventure with 3 kids and no vacation necessary. 

Liberty, respect, and love are the secret ingredients of this success story that we live our lives by. 

Animated by the rhythms of “Despacito” reggaeton, we left Saquarema slowly, with dance moves. 

We watched here a stage of the World Surf Championship, the kids learnt to ride the waves and, not last, we danced together with the Brazilians, the winning of Central America Football Cup in Samba steps, on the beach. 

We are still in Rio de Janeiro state, in the area of the lakes. It’s a place that looks like Gura Portitei in Romania. A lake to the left, the ocean to the right, between water a strip of sand that seems to never end. 

After only 70km we stopped in Arraial do Cabo, a beautiful place described by many as the Brazilian Caribe. Clear waters and white powder sand that you tend to snort it! 

We left the wandering aside for a moment and we stopped at camping. For 11$/night we have a sauna too. 

We are the first Romanians to stop at this site and they asked us to smile for the camera for a picture that is going social. 

We smiled, after all, you only get a first time once. 

Piccolina didn’t feel ok on the road and the left us a big surprise in bed. 

We intend to have a boat tour of the islands, we hear it’s gorgeous, but first, we have to wash the **it out of the blanket. 


Desi ne-am trezit foarte de dimineata si masina era deja pregatita, nu am vrut sa plecam fara sa ne bem cafeaua in oras. Am lasat copiii dormind si am plecat cu Lavinia pe strazile inca pustii, tinundu-ne de mana si gudurandu-ne ca doi gugustiuci. 

Libertatea ne da de multe ori bufeuri de extaz necontrolat.

Casnicia noastra este o aventura in doi cu trei copii si traim fara sa mai avem nevoie de concedii. Libertatea, respectul si iubirea sunt ingredientele principale ale retetei de succes cu care ne preparam viata.

Alimentati de ritmurile reghetonului “Despacito”, adica incetisor, am parasit Saquarema in pasi de dans.

Am vazut aici o etapa din Campionatul Mondial de Surf, copiii au invatat sa calareasca valurile si nu in ultmul rand am sarbatorit cu brazilienii castigarea Cupei Americii la fotbal in pasi de Samba, pe plaja.

Suntem inca in statul Rio de Janeiro in zona lacurilor. Este o zona asemanatoare cu Gura Portitei din Romania. In stanga lac, in dreapta ocean, intre ape o limba de nisip ce pare ca se insira la infinit.

Dupa numai 70 de kilometri ne-am oprit in Arraial do Cabo, o frumoasa statiune despre care se spune ca este Caraibe Brazilian. Ape transparente de culoarea smaraldului si nisip alb si fin de-ti vine sa-l tragi pe nas.

Am lasat haiducia la o parte si am tras la Camping de data asta. Pentru 11$/ noapte avem parte si de sauna. Suntem primii romani ce-au calcat pragul camping-ului si ne-au rugat sa zambim frumos pentru poza ce va da turul retelelor de socializare. Am zambit, ca doar o data-i prima data!

Piccolinei i-a fost rau pe drum si ne-a facut o treaba mare-n pat!

Avem de gand sa facem un tur al zonei cu barca, cica sunt locuri paradisiace, dar mai intai trebuie sa spalam cuvertura de…

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