Melixxhander, the Artist Within!

sculpture face

When I first met Melixxhander I had the impression that I met  the son of Merlin, you know …the wizard!!!! Probably, I am not far away from the truth! Melixxhander has the capacity of transforming the wood and make him comes to life!

He is born in Calca, a small village in the heart of Sacred Valley, the unique and mystical place in Peru. Is living with his wife and 2 children and inherited this gift from his father, a well-known carpenter in the village. But Melixxhander is  more than a carpenter is an artist and a beautiful soul! You can feel the passion for his work just by listening him talk about it!
“ Where your inspiration is coming from?”; He stops for a moment and then he replies: “ The nature, Pachamama, the plants are my teachers! Sometimes I drink Wachuma with other artists. We talk about work and I received a lot of answers during the ceremonies and then I work. Sometimes I don’t go out for weeks, working and working non stop until I finish. But sometimes I have to stop! To stop because I have nightmares… the snakes are coming in my dreams and surround my body and my work… then I get scared so much that I have to work to another thing…
sculpture snake
During the ceremonies with San Pedro I receive answers… the snakes are there to heal myself, they are not going to hurt me…… I was so afraid about snakes… when I was little I used to go in the mountains for pieces of wood, one day I found an incredible piece… I was so happy, but suddenly a huge snake appears from the bushes… I had to ran like hell… I was afraid of them… but Ayahuasca healed me… so I am not afraid anymore… ”

His place have something magic and his works are bridges to another dimension; is like the souls and wisdom of plants are materialised into masterpieces and suddenly you can fell their presence, you can touch them, you can feel the life within them…

san pedro faceIn the ceiling of the atelier two pairs of box gloves are hanging; What are these for, Melixxhander!? He is smiling…” I am training with my son, Paul! I need strong arms for working the wood. Some pieces of wood are like stone, so hard to work… I need strong arms… but also the training is good for releasing the frustrations and bad energies…!

We stayed half a day with him, I listened stories, I played with Paul who was very interested in my camera, I met all Melixxhander’s works and I felt in love with all of them! We hugged each other and a strong friendship got birth in our hearts…

If you feel the need of butterflies in your stomach, take a look of these photos!!!!!  His art reflects the transforming energy of this  beautiful planet and a way to express it, enjoy!

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    Posted at 05:06h, 26 October Reply

    It’s good to get a fresh way of lonikog at it.

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