I could turn life in a community into a therapy. 

When families live together with doors open, most of the time you look out of the window you look into a mirror, in fact.

If this Universe doesn’t happen by mistake, we didn’t get here to no purpose.

We look left and right and, with the corner of our eyes, we feel like looking inside ourselves.

In a community, there are usually families with a modest financial status. There are families who try to find an alternative social arrangement. 

Mostly, in a community, there are families who are tired of consumerism and asphalt. 

In a community, you are closer to people’s souls, but also to their problems. 

In a community, you are closer to nature, birds, butterflies, flowers, mice, bugs, spiders, ants, snakes and thorns. 

You step barefoot on the green grass and the manure, as well. 

When it rains, everything becomes mushy. 

You have to love the dirt and forget about the white. 

When you walk barefoot you uncharge the electricity of your every thought. Earth frees you like a loving mother, always and unconditionally. 

In a community, there are also problems. You have the challenge of money, people and yourself.

Like in the city.


Din viata in comunitate as putea face o terapie. Cand familiile traiesc impreuna cu usile deschise, de cele mai multe ori cand te uiti pe geam, te uiti in oglinda de fapt. 

Daca acest Univers nu se intampla din greseala, atunci nici noi nu am ajuns unii langa altii degeaba. 

Ne uitam in stanga si in dreapta cu coada ochiului si ne zarim uitandu-ne in interiorul nostru.

In comunitate ajung de obicei familii modeste din punct de vedere financiar. 

Sunt familii care incearca sa gaseasca o varianta alternativa la oranduirea sociala care este ea. 

In principal in comunitate ajung oamenii care s-au saturat de consumerism si de asfalt. 

In comunitate esti mai aproape de sufletul oamenilor dar si mai aproape de problemele lor. 

In comunitate esti mai aproape de natura, de pasari, fluturi, flori, soareci, gandaci, paianjeni, furnici, serpi si spini. 

Descult, pasesti pe iarba moale si pe balegar. 

Cand ploua totul se inmoaie. 

Trebuie sa iubesti noroiul si sa uiti de alb. 

Cand calci descult, descarci electricitatea gandurilor cu fiecare pas. 

Pamantul te elibereaza ca o mama iubitoare, tot timpul si neconditionat. 

In comunitate sunt totusi si probleme. 

Te lupti cu banii, cu oamenii dar si cu tine.

La fel ca la oras. 

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