The children that spend all their time with their parents and don’t go to school get their childhood extended.

They remain more innocent and even physically look younger than their age. 

This is clear proof that the environment defines you. 

I venture in making some affirmations. 

A child is not educated. If you are educated, he will copy you. 

A child is supported to become himself. We are the generation that needs to change course. 

We shouldn’t pass on the same education that we received. 

If we do it means we haven’t evolved. 

With a child you don’t have to work systematically to make him take his towel when he enters the shower. 

You have to work with yourself not to get angry when you take it to him every time. 

Having children shouldn’t be exhausting and hard, on the contrary. 

If it is hard to stay with your child, then you still need to work on yourself. 

Our otitis is over and Aris is back on the waves. 

A man on the beach watching Aris comes to me and says:

“Your boy is very good and brave, but he doesn’t have a suitable board. He is tiny and he has an adult board that he can’t handle.”

I thanked for his advice and with a strong whistle I called Aris on the shore. 

He came with the first wave and asked me:

“Why did you call me?”

“We should go and buy you a smaller board.”

I knew he wanted one and it was the time. 

We went home, we ate, we all got in the car and we left. 

Now we have a new board.

Other than that, nothing, all’s good…



Copiii care petrec tot timpul cu parintii si care nu merg la scoala, au o copilarie mai lunga. Raman mai inocenti si chiar si din punct de vedere fizic par mai copii decat copiii de varsta lor. 

Asta este o dovada clara ca mediul te defineste. 

Ma avant sa fac unele afirmatii. 

Un copil nu se educa. Daca tu esti educat, te va copia. 

Un copil se sustine sa devina el. 

Noi suntem generatia care trebuie sa schimbe macazul. 

Nu trebuie sa predam mai departe aceeasi educatie pe care am primit-o noi. 

Daca o facem, inseamna ca nu am evoluat. 

Cu un copil nu trebuie sa lucrezi sistematic pentru a-l face sa-si ia prosopul cand intra la dus. Trebuie sa lucrezi cu tine sa nu te enervezi cand i-l duci de fiecare data. 

A avea copii n-ar trebui sa fie obositor si greu, ci dimpotriva. Daca va e greu sa stati cu copiii vostri, inseamna ca aveti mult de lucrat cu dumneavoastra.

Noua ne-a trecut otita si Aris s-a urcat din nou pe valuri. Un nene de pe plaja care se uita dupa Aris in larg, se apropie de mine si-mi zice:

– Baiatul tau este foarte bun si are mult curaj dar nu are placa de surf adecvata. El este mic si foloseste o placa de adult pe care nu o poate manevra.

I-am multumit pentru sfat si dintr-un fluierat strasnic l-am chemat pe Aris la mal. A venit cu primul val si cu o fata mirata ma intreaba:

– De ce m-ai chemat?

– Sa mergem sa luam o placa de surf mai mica pentru tine.

Stiam totusi ca-si doreste una si acel moment a sosit. 

Am mers acasa, am mancat, ne-am urcat cu toti in masina si am plecat.

Gata, ne-am inoit!

In rest, nimic,numai bine…

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