Our mornings are pretty much the same, the only difference is the place where we wake up at and where we drink our coffee. Yes, we are big coffee lovers and as we are in Brazil, the biggest coffee producer in the world, we spoiled ourselves by buying different types of Arabica and Robusta to please our mornings.

The coffee tree, originating in Ethiopia, was introduced in Brazil in 1727, but knew a mass cultivation only after Brazil independence in 1822.

So, with the coffee in our right hand and a free left, we voted to stay one more day. It was raining, we were in the mood of a comfort food, maybe a movie, maybe reading, play with Lego or make up stories for fun.

We started cooking and the kids started running in the rain. Yes, we enjoy rain. We made some pancakes with jabuticaba jam, wild mushrooms risotto and a pineapple chia smoothie.

We ate royally and, with this weather outside, the adults cuddled for a movie while Carla taught Math to the younger ones using Lego. Very nice movie, “Experimenter” (2015), describes in a humorous way the research and experiments made by psychologist Stanley Milgram on “the obedience of man in front of authority”. A thought provoking movie which led to further dialogues.







La noi diminetile sunt mai mult sau mai putin identice, diferenta fiind data de locurile diverse in care ne trezim si unde invariabil ne bem cafeaua.

Da, suntem iremediabil indragostiti de cafea si cum ne aflam in Brazilia, de departe cel mai mare producator din lume al acestei minunate plante, ne-am facut placerea de a cumpara diferite marci si sortimente de robusta si arabica, pentru a ne rasfata diminetile.

Arborele de cafea originar din Etiopia si introdus in Brazilia in 1727 a fost  cultivat in masa doar dupa independenta Braziliei din 1822.

Asadar cu cafeaua in dreapta si cu stanga libera am decis sa mai ramanem o zi. Ploua, parca am chef sa stam si sa gatim ceva, sa vedem un film, poate sa citim, sa ne jucam un Lego sau sa sa ne jucam inventand povesti.

Asa ca ne-am apucat de gatit cu copiii fugind prin ploaie. Da, iubim si ploaia si ne bucuram de ea cand o avem.

Niste clatite cu gem de capsuni sau jabuticaba, cu un risotto cu ciuperci de padure si un smoothie de ananas cu chia.

Am mancat precum regii si inmuiati de vremea de afara, adultii s-au cuibarit la un film in timp ce Carla i-a invatat matematica pe fratii ei mai mici folosind Lego-ul.

Foarte misto filmul, Experimenter (2015) pe numele lui, descrie simpatic si cu umor, cercetarile si testele psihologului Stanley Milgram vis-a-vis de  “supunerea omului in fata autoritatii”.

Film de vazut in familie si de dezbatut dupa, ceea ce am si facut.

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