The nasty part is that you sometimes wake up in an extremely hot car. When the sun shines on the hood, in 30 minutes the car transforms into an oven and you certainly wake up. 

Today was one of those days. 

Fairly roasted in the morning, we had our breakfast at the inn and went for the next village down the road to get food for the pets. We always take care to not remain without food for the animals, it’s some sort of a stressful thing for us if they are left with no food. 

Becka stars meow-ing and brushing against us until she could go hairless, Oscar barks continuously every 10 seconds and Piccolina twists like a spinner. The barking and the meow-ing are bearable, but the moisty piercing eyes sending electric shocks to your stomach, that is unbearable.

Anyway, now we have food so no stress involved now and we left for Alcobaca. Arrived on the beach, we spoke with some fishermen about whales because the marine mammal lives there. 

We spoke for half an hour and in the end, I realize I hadn’t understood much. Every state has its own accent and if you think that every person can have his own speaking particularities, it all transforms into a Portuguese I am not familiar with. 

We followed the path to Prado, a small piece of jewelry in the South of Bahia. We arrived in the evening and we only saw a little piece of the town’s center and the downtown beach. 

We parked in a small piazza near the river. 

We watched the sunset with the hands on the wheel and shut engine. 

Of course, it was off, we were parked. 

This is nonsense, I’ll come back tomorrow with more pictures.


Ce e naspa cateodata este ca te trezesti intr-o caldura infernala. Cand incepe sa bata soarele direct pe capota masinii, in maxim 30 de minute este cuptor inauntru. Cum necum, te trezesti! Astazi a fost una dintre acele zile.

Perpeliti bine de dimineata, ne-am mancat micul dejun la han si am plecat spre primul catun aflat in cale pentru a lua de mancare la animale. Avem grija sa nu ramanem fara hrana pentru animale. E un mare stres cand nu mai au de mancare.

Becka incepe sa miaune intruna si se freaca de noi pana ramane fara par, Oscar latra constant la intervale fixe de 10 secunde iar Picollina se invarte ca un titirez. Latratul sau mieunatul mai sunt cum mai sunt dar ochii… ochii aia umezi care te fixeaza si-ti transmit socuri electrice in stomac, aia sunt de nesuportat.

In fine, am luat, asa ca fara motive de stres am plecat catre Alcobaça. Ajunsi pe plaja din sat am stat de vorba cu niste pescari despre balene, acel loc fiind freventat de mamiferul marin.

Am vorbit o jumatate de ora si in final mi-am dat seama ca n-am inteles nimic. In fiecare stat se vorbeste cu accentul propriu daca mai pui ca unu-i sâsâit si altu-i fomfanit, se ajunge deja la o Portugheza necunoscuta mie.

Am urmat traseul catre Prado, o mica bijuterie in sudul Bahiei. Am ajuns pe seara si n-am prins decat un pic din centrul vechi si plaja.

Am tras masina intr-o mica piateta de langa rau.

Am privit apusul cu mainile pe volan si cu motorul stins.

Era si normal sa fie stins, doar eram parcati.

Aberez… Revin maine cu poze calde!

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