Today there was a peteca championship. Aris took part with his friend at doubles and they started their training in the morning. 

Peteca is the oldest game in Brazil. The first attestations of the game are made by the Portuguese who saw the local indigenous people playing peteca in their free time. Peteca is very similar to badminton, but the shuttlecock is hit with the hand. 

The shuttlecock is made of a heavy sack, like a sack filled with sand or a piece of rubber with at least 4 feathers stuck into it. 

Like in badminton, the idea is to not let it fall on the ground. 

I played too with Lavinia and besides being a very demanding sport, it is also very fun. Aris made it to the semifinals and won a handful of candies. 

I and Lavinia were kicked out in round one. 

Our evening was full of samba and bbq’s. Tomorrow is Father’s Day in Brazil and fathers have already started to party. 

The kids played in the park till late. 

We enjoyed our little time together. 

As for Moby Dick, no news yet, still waiting. 


Astazi s-a organizat un campionat de peteca. Aris a participat cu prietenul lui la campionatul de dublu, si dimineata si-au inceput-o cu primul antrenament. Peteca este cel mai vechi joc din Brazilia. Primele atestari ale jocului sunt facute chiar de catre portughezi, care i-au gasit pe indieni jucand peteca in timpul liber!

Jocul cu peteca este foarte asemanator badminton-ului, numai ca fluturasul este lovit cu mana. Fluturasul este facut dint-o greutate, un saculet de nisip de exemplu sau o bucata de cauciuc in care sunt infipte cel putin patru pene colorate.

Ca si la badminton, ideea e sa nu o lasi sa cada.

Am jucat si eu cu Lavinia si in afara faptului ca este un joc foarte antrenant, este si foarte distractiv.

Aris a ajuns pana in semifinale si a castigat un pumn de caramele. Eu cu Lavinia am iesit de cum am intrat.

Petecaretii mari au impartit o lada de bere.

Seara ne-a fost plina de samba si gratare. Maine este ziua tatalui in Brazilia si tatii, au inceput deja sa sarbatoreasca. Copiii s-au jucat in parc pana tarziu. 

Noi ne-am bucurat de putin timp impreuna.

Cat despre Moby Dick, inca nu stim nimic, asteptam!

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