Weekends are very chill in Aldeia. Meals are set an hour later than usual. This creates an illusion of space, like with the daylight saving. 

We are not looking for more time but ease on the tight schedule of weekdays. 

And we make it happen!

Today we cooked lunch. My father helped us, he is a polenta guru. 

He considers himself a “polenta guy” and it is part of his daily meal. 

I will never forget when he visited us in Portugal and we went out at a tiny and special restaurant in Bairro Alto neighborhood in Lisbon. 

He said he was not hungry, but will have a little something with his beer. He ordered a beer, a coke, ice, and two fried eggs. 

When his order arrived, he pulled out of his bag a package where he had nicely packed a polenta. 

Both us and the waiter were baffled. 

My father thought that the wide eyes of the waiter expressed curiosity so he handed him a bite stuck in the tip of the knife. 

He smilingly refused. 

We smiled too, a very forced smile.

Other than that, nothing, all’s good… 


Weekend-urile sunt foarte chill in comunitate. In weekend, programul meselor este decalat cu o ora. Asta creeaza impresia de spatiu, ca atunci cand se schimba ora la programul de iarna. 

Nu alergam dupa mai multa lumina ci sa relaxam stereotipia zilelor. 


Astazi noi am gatit pranzul. Ne-a ajutat si tata care este un specialist in mamaliga. 

Se considera un mamaligar si nu-i lipseste din meniul zilnic. 

Nu voi uita niciodata vizita lui in Portugalia si momentul cand am iesit la un restaurant micut si dragut din Bairro Alto in Lisabona. A zis ca nu-i este foame dar va “ciupi” cate ceva la o bere. 

A comandat o bere, o coca cola, gheata si doua oua prajite. 

Cand i-a venit comanda, a scos din rucsac o punga in care era pastrata cu grija o jumatate de mamaliga. 

Ne-am blocat si noi si chelnerul. 

Tata a crezut ca ochii bulbucati ai ospatarului erau de curiozitate si i-a taiat o bucatica pe care i-a intins-o infipta in varful cutitului. 

A refuzat cu zambetul pe buze. 

Am zambit si noi dar nu era zambetul nostru! 

In rest, nimic, toate bune…

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