The first reflections of the sun into the ocean create a lights show with shades of purple, pink, yellow onto the rested sky adorned with fluffy and relaxed clouds. We are just like this in the morning, like the fluffy clouds. To drink your coffee on a deserted beach is so special and beautiful there are moments when you become one with the sea, the sound, even with the birds eyes, you connect with them and you see down below from up above. After one such beautiful morning we thought it’s time to spoil ourselves after 11 harsh days without money and we go to restaurant’s terrace next to the place where we are camped and we order one dish of fried shrimp and fresh orange juice each. Enough had we watched the waiters walked with full plates. It was even worse to watch them carry them back half empty. 🙂

It was nice to observe, to observe us in different situations.

At this point I can strongly say that money don’t add value to life. It’s an illusion gave by the conceptual inconsistency that we live in. We chase money too much while we don’t know who we are. We want to break free from the society’s structures that are like a tight shell that squashes us, like in the story of the shrimp that we had in our previous post, through money. What a big mistake! Anyways, I don’t want to go any further into this because our story is funnier than the man’s problems concerning money.

So around noon we busted into the restaurant where the waiters buzz around with plates full of wonderful seafood. We said that after all, it’s the start of the month and we shouldn’t go straight to the top so we ordered a decent dish of seafood, big size French fries and fresh orange juices. The waiters, that we already befriended meantime, were a little surprised by our being in the restaurant. And even more surprised when, trying to pay by credit card, we received a message with “insufficient funds”. I go online to check the account and… surprise, there really was no money!

How did we pay? I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow, now I need a little time on the beach to relax! 🙂







Primele reflexii ale soarelui in ocean creeaza un spectacol de lumini al nuantelor de mov, roz si galben, pe cerul odihnit si presarat cu nori pufosi si relaxati.

Asa suntem si noi diminetile, precum norii, umflati, pufosi si relaxati. A-ti bea cafeaua pe o plaja pustie este atat de special si frumos incat exista momente cand te confunzi cu marea, cu sunetul, parca chiar si cu privirea pasarilor te conectezi si vezi ce vad si ele din inaltul cerului. Dupa o dimineata superba, ne-am gandit ca este momentul sa ne rasfatam si noi dupa cele 11 zile austere, fara bani, si sa mergem la o terasa vecina fata de locul unde suntem campati si sa comandam si noi o portie de creveti pane cu un suc natural de portocale. Parca prea ne-am uitat cu jind in unele momente cand ospatarii treceau cu platourile incarcate. Parca ne-am uitat si mai si cand se intorceau cu ele doar pe jumatate goale!

A fost misto sa observam, sa ne observam, in situatii.

In concluzie afirm cu tarie ca nu banii ridica calitatea vietii! Este o iluzie data de inconstienta conceptuala in care ne aflam. Alergam prea mult dupa bani in conditiile in care nu stim cine suntem. Vrem sa ne eliberam si sa scapam structurilor sociale care ne-au devenit o carapace prea mica, care ne strange, exact ca in povestea crevetelui pe care v-am povestit-o ieri, prin bani! Nici ca se poate mai gresit!

In fine, nu vreau sa intru mai mult in subiect pentru ca intamplarea noastra este mult mai amuzanta decat problematica omenirii vis-a-vis de bani.

Asa ca pe la orele pranzului am dat buzna pe terasa restaurantului de unde ies pe rand ca albinutzele ospatarii cu platourile pline de bunataturi marine. Am zis ca deh, e inceputul lunii si sa nu sarim ca gaina in varful gramezii asa ca am comandat un platou cu creveti pane si o portie mare de cartofi prajiti si cate un suc mare de portocale proaspat stoarse.

Ospatarii deja prieteni cu noi au fost un pic surprinsi de prezenta noastra in restaurant.

Si nu mare le fu mirarea cand sa platim, nu ne-a functionat cardul, dand o eroare de genul nu aveti fonduri!

Intru eu sa verific contul si surpriza, chiar nu intrasera! :)))

Cum am platit?! O sa va povestesc maine, am plecat pe plaja sa ma relaxez! 🙂

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