Prudentópolis, 13 October 2017 – Travel Diary

We started the morning with tapioca pancakes from our new Brazilian friends who travel in a 2008 dark blue fully equipped Vw Combi.

Fernando and Edigia are grandparents with traveling plans.

They have been on the road for 5 months now and never been happier.

They are on-line, programming specialists and call their children every day to convince them to follow their example, without success.



Yesterday, October 12th, was National Children Day in Brazil so the camping is full now.

In each country we drive by we try their traditional cuisine.

We made a ciorba de perisoare, a kind of meatballs sour soup, and shared it with everybody around, about 10 in total.

After 5 years of visiting around in Europe, we find that Romanians are considered exotic!

When they hear we are from Romania, the Brazilians are so happy as if they met Dracula himself.

As for Romanian traditional food, it was out turn to be surprised to find in Paraná State a mamaliga (polenta) as traditional as it can be… Romanian or Brazilian, depends on who you ask 🙂

As we are somewhere at the countryside we were nicely surprised by a special delivery of farm eggs, milk and freshly baked dumplings, cake and donuts.



Am inceput dimineata cu clatite de tapioca facute de noii nostri prieteni din Brazilia, care calatoresc intr-un Vw Combi albastru inchis, care este din anul 2008, (parca) si echipat cu tot dichisul! Fernando si Edigia sunt bunici cu suflet mare si ganduri calatoare. De 5 luni sunt pe ruta si-mi spun ca niciodata nu au fost atat de fericiti! S-au specializat pe on-line, programare soft si-si suna copiii zilnic si-i bat la cap sa le ia urma dar fara rezultat!

Ieri, 12 Octombrie a fost Ziua Copilului in Brazilia asa ca Campingul s-a umplut. Cu fiecare tara colindata experimentam gastronomia la un nivel foarte “ca la mama”. Noi am facut o ciorba de perisoare tare laudata,  pe care am impartit-o intre toti cei prezenti, vreo 10 persoane in total.

Dupa 5 ani colindand europa, descoperim ca Romanii pot fi si exotici! Brazilienii cand aud de Romania parca l-au vazut efectiv pe Dracula in persoana, asa se bucura ca i s-a intamplat in viata sa cunoasca un Roman.

Cat despre macarea Braziliana, pentru noi a fost o surpriza sa descoperim in statul Parana, mamaliga romaneasca mai traditionala decat in Romania!

Ca sa vezi! 🙂

Cum suntem pe undeva pe la tara, ne-am bucurat si de un home-delivery special: oua, lapte, cornulete ca la mama acasa, gogosi umplute cu gem de Goiaba si cozonac. Toate bio pe stil Brazil! ?

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