Winter vacation started in Brazil and the camping is half full. Most of them, families with small children, up to 10 years of age. Aris and Ana have disappeared into mission all day, came back for lunch and then gone again. 

My mom and my father-in-law are the most curious about what we eat. I want to please them so I will give you today’s menu. 

For breakfast, we had tea, bread and butter, cheese and goiaba jam. Goiaba is a yellow fruit, resembling a lemon on the outside. On the inside, it is pink with small hard seeds and it doesn’t look like anything else. Its taste is somewhere in between a pear and a quince. 

In Brazil, this goiaba jam is the most familiar, with a consistency of marmalade. 

Lavinia made breakfast, I made coffee no 2 and no 3. Yes, we drink tons of coffee. 

For lunch, Lavinia made a vegetable Yakisoba. 

Yakisoba is a special Japanese pasta with a tasty sauce, a combination of soy sauce, garlic, tomato, and other spices. The vegetables are quickly fried separately in a pan. 

In Sao Paolo, there is the biggest Japanese community from outside Japan so no wonder that we often find Asian influences in Brazilian cuisine. 

All morning and after lunch, Lavinia was a washing machine. She flexed her little Chinese woman’s muscles and washed two bags of laundry by hand. I washed two pairs of shorts and a couple of underwear and after I’ve squeezed the laundry by centrifugation.

Meaning that I’ve spun holding the wet clothes like the spinning dervish until I reached nirvana. When I recovered from ecstasy, I hung them in the sun. 

In the evening Lavinia cooked some new potatoes fried in butter, skin on, with a green salad and maracuja juice with honey. 

The main character of the house chores was rewarded a bottle of Argentinian Mendoza wine, a Malbec of 2013.

What a lucky guy, I think I married Mulan!


A inceput vacanta de iarna in Brazilia iar campingul este pe jumatate plin. Majoritatea sunt familii cu copii mici, pana in 10 ani. Aris si cu Ana au fost disparuti in misiune toata ziua, s-au intors doar ca sa manance dupa care dusi au fost. 

Mama si cu socra-miu sunt cei mai curiosi fata de ce mancam. Vreau sa-i bucur asa ca o sa prezint meniul zilei de astazi.

Dimineata am mancat un ceai cu paine si unt, cascaval si gem de goiaba. Goiaba este un fruct de culoare galbena, foarte asemanator cu o lamaie ca si aspect exterior. Interiorul este roz cu niste samburi mici si tari ca piatra si nu se aseamana cu nimic. 

Ca si gust, mi se pare ca ar fi o combinatie intre gutuie si para.

In Brazilia cel mai raspandit gem este cel de goiaba, care are consistenta marmeladei. Lavinia ne-a pregatit micul dejun, eu am facut cafeaua numarul 2 si numarul 3. 

Da, bem o tona de cafea.

La pranz Lavinia a facut o Yakisoba de legume, adica paste speciale japoneze cu un sos ciudat de gustos facut dintr-o combinatie de sos de soia cu sos de rosii, usturoi si alte mirodenii. Legumele sunt trase separat la wok cateva minute la foc iute.

In Sao Paulo este cea mai mare comunitate de japonezi din afara Japoniei asa ca nu e de mirare ca in gastronomia Braziliei gasim des influente asiatice.

Toata dimineata si dupa masa de pranz, Lavinia a fost masina de spalat. Si-a pus muschii de chinez mic si a luat la mana doi saci de rufe murdare. Am spalat si eu doi pantaloni scurti si trei chiloti dupa care am stors rufele prin centrifugare.

M-am invartit cu rufele ude in brate ca si dervisii rotitori pana am atins nirvana. Cand mi- am revenit din extaz, le-am intins pe sarma cu fata la soare.

La cina, Lavinia ne-a pregatit niste cartofi noi, trasi in unt cu tot cu coaja cu salata verde si suc de maracuja indulcit cu miere.

Eroul principal in lupta cu treburile casnice s-a premiat cu o sticla de vin Argentinian de Mendoza, un Malbec din 2013.

Ce bulan, cred ca m-am insurat cu Mulan!

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