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The Other Son

“ Religions are not for separating men from one another; they are meant to bind them” Ghandi


This story is about the point where the differences between race, color, religion, gender or national origin dissolve and make space to a beautiful friendship and unity.
A month ago, we were visited  by the Chief of the Indigenous Chawaitire Community,  Lucio and his wife Rosa. We made a big fire in the garden, we prepared a quick  dinner and we listen to some jazz music.

For those that don’t know about Chawaitire check my post here!

The evening was fantastic, we were so amazed by Indian ancient stories and by how wise are this simple and incredible people! At some point Lucio revealed the reason of his visit. We were proposed to baptize his youngest nephew, Jesus Andre!

We felt truly honored to be the Godparents of this beautiful young soul. After this magic night we met the Chawaitire family several times to discuss all the aspects of the ceremony.  On the 6th of August, friends and family, we all met in Chawaitire village for one of the most beautiful party we have ever attended!


Although, the actual functions of God parenting have varied widely from its original purpose, we had the surprise to see that in this part of the world, the custom is very well preserved. We did our homework and found out that God parenthood was imported to Americas from Europe in the 15th century by the Hispanic colonizers as part of the process of domination and conquest. It seems that a Godparent must normally be an appropriate person, at least sixteen years of age, a confirmed Catholic who has received the Eucharist. Someone who belongs to another Christian church cannot become a Godparent!  Now if you asked me how it was possible, a Romanian, christian-orthodox family to become “Padrinos” to a catholic, native American child?  I can only say that sometimes light energies, beautiful connections and strong families can overcome the strictest rules for bonding in a special spiritual kinship. After all, people are the same everywhere and although there are small differences regarding the traditions (they may wear different costumes, play different music, speak different languages) the joy, the energy and the intention is the same worldwide!

On the 6th of August we officially became Spiritual Parents of a beautiful indigenous child and we were honored to witness his spiritual rebirth. We thank all family and friends who were beside us at this event, in person or with their good thoughts!

The  whole story in photos below:


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