On Valentine’s Day I take, I don’t give! :))

It’s pretty interesting to discover the world of online business. Marketing and communication strategies, branding, algorithms, social media, it’s so much information that it crushes you if you try to cover it all at once.

I am only beginning, it’s been a few years that I’ve been trying to understand this medium while other have spent half their life doing this. What can I say, they are huge names, but others come close from behind with a totally different approach.

In the online medium the change is more clear, as is that the older generations didn’t change almost at all and for them the technical evolution ended with the remote control.

In 2018 I have to remove the Guest Posting button from our main page.

First of all, I don’t enjoy receiving emails from people pretending they read our blog. It’s their problem what they do, I didn’t ask for anything, and the main offense is the lying.

I understand that you have a site that you want to grow, but the emails that you just sent is going to be read by a person, right? Show him respect and don’t lie!

The last two requests to change content and links confirmed me the uselessness of the button so I’m going go remove it.

I must tell you about my online fellows’ requests because I find them amusing.

So, I will never do a post about child car seats, no that they are not important, but they are not the subject of this blog, also I am not going to post about the “staycation” concept where you spend your vacation at home. First of all, we don’t have a home and we’ve been on the roads for some time now so I think that one of the last things I would do would be to have a staycation. Online fellow colleagues, please don’t adorn the road to depression with positive tricks, on the contrary, try to get people out of the house.

I say: get outside and you are one step closer to you.

I am sorry mama, I have to remove the button on the lyrics of Eminem, but it’s time for something else.


De ziua indragostitilor iau, nu dau! :))))

Tare misto este sa descoperi practic lumea business-ului online. Strategii de marketing si comunicare, branding, algoritmi, social media, e atata informatie de te striveste daca o iei dintr-o data.

Eu sunt la inceput, doar de cativa ani imi bat capul la modul intensiv cu acest mediu dar altii au deja jumatate de viata petrecuti in domeniu. Ce sa zic, sunt niste monstrii sacrii dar pe duca, vin altii din urma total diferit, conceptual vorbind.

In online parca se oglindeste mai repede schimbarea aproape imperceptibila pentru generatiile trecute unde evolutia tehnicii s-a oprit la tastatura unei telecomenzi.

In 2018 eu ma simt nevoit sa scot butonul de Guest Posting din meniul principal.

In primul rand ca nu ma mai distreaza sa primesc mail-uri de la oameni care-mi comunica ca ma citesc. E problema lor ce fac, eu nu le-am cerut nimic si sunt deranjat de faptul ca ma simt mintit in primul rand.

Eu inteleg ca tu ai un site pe care trebuie sa-l cresti dar mail-ul pe care tocmai l-ai trimis, o sa fie citit de un om, nu? Arata-i respect si nu-l mintii!

Ultimele doua rugaminti in a schimba continut si legaturi virtuale mi-au confirmat inutilitatea butonului asa ca-l scot.

Trebuie sa va povestesc despre continutul cererilor colegilor din online pentru ca sunt dragute.

Deci, nu o sa postez niciodata un post despre scaunele de masina pentru copiii, nu ca nu sunt importante dar nu face subiectul acestui blog si nu voi publica un articol in care sa promovez conceptul de “Staycation” unde concediul este facut acasa.

In primul rand noi nu mai avem o casa si suntem “pe drumuri” de ceva timp si cred ca ultimul lucru pe care l-as face ar fi sa Staychez!

Colegi de online care scrieti subiecte, va rog, nu ornati intrarea in depresie cu artificii pozitive, tocmai, scoateti lumea din casa!

Iesi afara in lume si ai facut deja un pas catre tine, eu asta spun.

Imi pare rau mama ca ies cu butonul din scena pe versurile lui EMINEM, dar este momentul pentru altceva.

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