This permanent traveler status redefines your comfort zone. It makes you more flexible, more present, tougher and more understanding. 

The walls of your house are very thin, you can hear the waves and the crickets, the rain falling on the rooftop or a dog peeing on the car’s mustached tire. 

Permanent travelers fall into more categories.

At the base of the pyramid are the backpackers. They only have a backpack with them and a plastic sheet to protect them from the rain. 

They look like a homeless, but they only seem that way, they aren’t actually. 

Bikers go up one level and have the advantages of a bike and of a tent. 

Then come the van people, the ones who built a bed in a van. 

This is us. 

The camper vans are at the top of the pyramid. They can say they have more of a comfort. 

Travelers look like they are lost, but they only seem that way, they actually aren’t. 

Today we got lost from morning to evening. We got lost in the center of the city, the port area, and the Arts Museum. 

The paintings of 1800 reminded me that the people back then had time for detail. We didn’t take the camera with us, but we had selfies with our phones. 

Tomorrow we’ll wait to see how the weather is going to be like. 

If it’s sunny then we’ll get lost on the Copacabana beach, if it’s rainy then we’ll find ourselves dancing in the rain. 


Statutul de calator permanent iti redefineste zona de confort. Te face mai maleabil, mai prezent, mai rezistent si mai intelegator.

Peretii casei tale sunt foarte subtiri, auzi si valurile, auzi si greierii, auzi si stropii de ploaie aplatizandu-se pe tabla capotei, auzi si cand un caine se usureaza pe cauciucul cu mustati al rotii tale.

Calatorii permanenti sunt pe categorii.

La baza piramidei stau cei care se deplaseaza pe jos cu rucsacul in spate. Ei n-au decat un sac de dormit si o folie de plastic sa-i acopere de ploaie. 

Par niste homelesi dar nu sunt, doar par. Biciclistii urca o treapta si se pot lauda cu un cort.

Urmeaza dubistii, aidca cei ce si-au construit un pat intr-o duba. 

Aici suntem noi.

Autorulotistii sunt in varful piramidei. Ei se pot lauda cu oaresce confort.

Calatorii par niste rataciti, dar nu sunt, doar par.

Astazi ne-am ratacit de dimineata pana seara. Ne-am ratacit prin centru, prin zona portuara si prin Muzeul de Arte Frumoase.

Tablourile de pe la 1800 mi-au reamintit ca pe vremuri lumea avea timp pentru detalii.

N-am mai luat aparatul foto cu noi dar ne-am tras in selfie-uri cu telefonul din dotare.

Maine sa vedem ce spune vremea.

Daca-i soare, mergem sa ne ratacim pe plaja in Copacabana, daca nu, ne regasim dansand prin ploaie.

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