Today the wind blew with over 60 km/h. It blew so hard it blew our thoughts out and left us empty of interests and intentions. 

In conditions of mental imponderability, the words come out of the mouth full of saliva and wrapped in a fibrous placenta of three colors: red, yellow and blue. 

With these colors, we realized we were speaking Romanian, but we didn’t fully understand each other because of the wind, with the words coming out very twisted. 

So each of us sat still and contemplated. 

We contemplated what the old templars used to in ancient times, little things with purpose and without direction. 

Towards the evening the wind got calmer and we could light the stove in the car to cook. We were all starving, but full of feelings of love and thirst. 

I don’t know who said that love stops the appetite or that it doesn’t keep you full. 


If you don’t love yourself, you starve, I tell you. 

We cooked and we watched a movie. 

Tomorrow we leave Prado, heavy-hearted and already missing it. 

Let’s all wish everybody a purposeful weekend. 

Full of absinthe and love.


Astazi a batut vantul in rafale de peste 60km/ora. A batut atat de tare incat ne-a zburat gandurile din cap si ne-a lasat goi de interese si intentii. 

In conditii de imponderabilitate mentala cuvintele ies pe gura pline de saliva si invelite intr-o placenta atoasa formata din trei culori: rosu, galben si albastru.

Dupa culori ne-am dat seama ca vorbim in romaneste dar nu ne-am prea inteles intre noi din cauza vantului, cuvintele venind foarte rasucite.

Asa ca fiecare a stat si-a contemplat. Am contemplat ce contemplau pe vremuri cavalerii templieri, nimicuri cu sens dar fara directie.

Pe seara vantul s-a mai domolit si am putut aprinde aragazul din masina pentru a ne gati. 

Eram cu totii morti de foame dar plini de sentimente de dragoste si sete. Nu stiu cine-a spus ca dragostea nu trece prin stomac sau ca nu tine de foame.


Daca nu te iubesti pe tine, mori de foame, va spun eu! 

Am gatit si ne-am uitat la un film.

Maine plecam din Prado, cu greu si deja cu dor. 

Haideti sa ne uram cu totii la toti, un week-end cu spor. 

Plin de pelin si de amor.

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